Dawson Minor: Young Entrepreneur

Dawson Minor. Submitted photos.

This is part of a series featuring young people who found a need and are seeking to fill it with a business venture.

To nominate local young entrepreneurs, send name, phone number/email and the name of who is nominating and why, to [email protected].

Dawson Minor, 20, of Fulton is the owner of 4 Clover Mowing business.
The business began as a dream when he was a small boy.
“From the time I was very small, I have had a fondness for any kind of self-propelled equipment, no matter the size,” Minor said.
“Even before I had the concept of mowing grass, lawn mowers were the first machines that I could actually drive,” he said.
In second grade, when he could barely reach the pedals, he began mowing the family yard and farm lot.
” I loved mowing,” Minor said.  “I often dreamed of mowing for other people and having my own business.”
In early March 2013, after “a lot of thinking and discussing with my parents” Minor decided to start a small mowing business since he enjoyed mowing lawns and being outdoors.
“I started with a John Deere LA120 riding lawn tractor,” he said.
“My first year in the mowing business turned out to be a great learning experience, ” Minor said. “It helped me to understand that having the ability and chance to do something that I truly enjoy is not only measured by money.”
 “Within the second year in business, I soon realized that my role of being the kid who mows the yard was rapidly changing to the responsibility of a young businessman,” he said.
 “My number one responsibility in grounds-keeping has always been customer service,” Minor said. ” I never intend to give up quality for quantity in order to increase profits.”
” I have been blessed with the growth of my business and great customers.”
“I  currently employ two very hard working and dependable individuals, Drew Wright and Garrett Thompson, which I value and trust impeccably,”  he said.
His service area includes Bourbon, Linn, and Vernon counties.
“I have learned customer satisfaction is not only the success of a business, but it is also truly the reward of a business,” Minor said.
Minor can be reached at 620-238-9613 or  [email protected]

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