County Commission Meeting Feb 10th

Carter Stegall from Running Foxes Petroleum can to discuss buying right of way to put in pipeline. They need to drill under a road and wanted to know what issues there were with going under roads. Marty Pearson said that they would be responsible to fill in any settling the happens afterwards. Commissioner Warren suggested a type of mix that had a good history of not sinking.

There was a discussion of what type of permits would be needed and if a bond was needed

The water district has voted to close Cedar Creek Lake to vehicles and take the bathroom out because of too much vandalism.  It will still be open for fishing, but people will have to walk down to the lake and the dock will be removed.. The plan is to move the bathroom to Elm Creek Lake.

Ron Center from the landfill came to discuss a request to the state about going 10 foot higher in the landfill. There are some changes that need to be made to meet the state requirements. Mr. Center has a flat fee bid for $1000 to do the work that is required.

The Commissioners were asked if the press release detailing the status of the tax sale had been created and they said they were waiting on Dan Meara.

They were also asked about the status of the request for a listing of the people who had overpaid and underpaid as determined by the audit. Joanne Long said that this information had been emailed to Fort Scott Biz, and the Commissioners indicated that the Treasurer was going to start sending out refund checks for the approximately $800 that had been overpaid. They pointed out that $300 was the Treasurer’s overpayment.

The commissioners voted to go into executive session for 30 minutes to discuss non-elected employees.

2 thoughts on “County Commission Meeting Feb 10th”

  1. First, welcome back, Mark! I know I really need to try to get to some of the meetings since the agenda contains so little information and I wish they would use the format that is used by the City so maybe after the elections this fall, that could be requested. The only thing I had an issue with was the possibility of giving the County Treasurer $300.00 in overpayment as she after all has made mistakes (and……………) probably not just in those 8 months that are being looked at but in those, what, I believe, 10 years she has been in office and unable to compute the correct amount of interest so I feel that until ALL other accounts are correct that her $300.00 should be withheld! Her account should be the last one to be corrected for darn sure! I continue to believe that a tax sale before the investigation is finished by the AG/KBI should not be held and I think the reasons are more than obvious.

  2. I have many problems with returning money to people that she says we overpaid. I do not believe that our county treasurer should get any refund as she should have known how much she owed and I think we need to be sure this is all correct before we hand out any money. The paper Tuesday confirmed the people that she either did not print or was not notified that they owed taxes, more expense to the Bourbon County Taxpayers. Where is this money coming from that we are refunding, and did the commissioners have an account of where the money went that was in the account from the payment plan. We need to know how much money was there and to whom the money went to for taxes. It is time to hold people accountable and lots of people are very unhappy with this whole mess. Was there more money in the account than we had delinquent taxes and whose taxes were paid off by this account? Come on commissioners and get this ball rolling. We have been told so many stories as to whom is suppose to give what to the AG and we have heard nothing. I am sure a call from the commissioners to AG would yield some kind of info. It was our understanding that the AG works for the county, so where is our answers at? We should be told they are either working on it or they are finished . We really deserve some answer. How does anyone figure that the county treasurer gets $300 back . Someone needs to show us those figures. I can’t see it.
    Glad to see you are back, Mark. Seems your minutes are much more understandable.

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