County canvasses ballots for final results

The Bourbon County Commission canvassed the final election results Monday by counting the provisional ballots, deciding which ones could be included in the total count and which ones had to be discarded.


Provisional ballots were cast by voters whose names or other information did not match the information in their voter registration, as well as those who faced other issues at the voting stations.

Voters who had failed to register in time or did not have a photo identification when they voted were immediately rejected, but others such as those whose name or address had changed since their registration, who had filled out the incorrect ballot or had faced some clerical issue were often accepted at least in part.

The county commissioners went through 231 provisional ballots Monday, with commission chairperson Barbara Albright commenting she does not remember having so many at previous elections. County clerk Kendell Mason said this election brought out a large number of voters in Bourbon County.

“Our poll-workers did a great job,” Mason said of Election Day. “The voters were great to work with.”

Mason said she was frequently in contact with the different poll places in the county to make sure the process went smoothly. Prior to the election, Mason said the post office was helpful as well in making sure everyone received what they needed for mail-in votes.

The number of provisional ballots counted did not affect the end results of the local elections, though the commissioners did have to draw names for a couple positions in the Franklin township to break the ties.

Some of the official results locally included County Commissioner District 3 candidate Nick Ruhl receiving 982 votes to incumbent Harold Coleman’s 600 and  Bourbon County Sheriff candidate Bill Martin receiving 3,629 votes to opponent Mike Feagins’ 2,425. A tie between Ed Murrow and Tom Ridge for the Franklin Township trustee was decided by a drawing, with Murrow being named the trustee. A similar tie for the Franklin Township treasurer between Lynda Murrow, Theresa Burke and Tom Ridge was determined to be won by Murrow.

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