Community Retirement Reception for Alan Shinn

50-year math instructor Alan Shinn addresses the crowd who came to wish him well at his retirement reception on May 26.

Members of the Uniontown community came to West Bourbon Elementary School on a Sunday afternoon to honor Alan Shinn for 50 years teaching math in the school district.

Uniontown Ruritan facilitated the afternoon events which included awards and speakers from the 50-year tenure of Shinn. There was also a reception prior to the ceremony.


Ruritan District Governor Mark Warren, standing right, and the row of former students who spoke of Shinn’s 50 years in the Uniontown School District. From left: Nikki Bolinger, Ty Covey, Meaghan Jackson Russell, Kevin Gleason, Brett Howard, Dr. Randy Watson, Jim Porter, Jayci Williams Cozens, Brock Shelton, Mike Coyan, Dan George, David Clayton, Jan Dare Tate, Deanne Anderson Bloesser, Carl Otto.
Community members filed into seats in the gymnasium of West Bourbon Elementary School for recognition of teacher Alan Shinn’s 50 years in the district.
Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education, left; Shinn and Jim Porter, Kansas Board of Education District 9, right, as Shinn was recognized for his 50 years service.
The program included 18 speakers: former students, his first principal at Uniontown High School, colleagues, Kansas government officials and a community member.
USD 235 Superintendent Bret Howard speaks to the crowd at Shinn’s retirement ceremony. The district presented him with a retirement gift.
Alan Shinn’s family following the ceremony. Shinn taught both his children and grandchildren in his tenure at Uniontown High School.
Front row from left:  Diana Shinn, Lauren Shinn, Thora Shinn, Alan Shinn, Becky Shinn, back row from left:  Kevin Shinn, Brock Gage, Emily Shinn, Holly Shinn, Dylan Richwine, Melissa Shinn Gage, Brayden Gage, Bryce Gage, Jason Gage.
Bernadette and Dan George left, put together this quilt for Shinn, center, as a token of the family’s esteem. Shinn also taught George’s sons, Luke and Ben, right.

One thought on “Community Retirement Reception for Alan Shinn”

  1. It was a wonderful celebration of a wonderful teacher! So glad I could be there!

    Have a wonderful retirement, Mr. Shinn!

    Karen McKarnin, Class of ’83

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