Christian Heights Performs Tom Sawyer

Austin Bahr performs as Tom Sawyer and Trace Evans as his best friend Huck Finn in the Fort Scott Christian Heights high school play “Tom Sawyer” Saturday night at the school.

Fort Scott Christian Heights High School students entertained the community Friday and Saturday evening with its rendition of  “Tom Sawyer: An American Legend With Music.”

The play depicts a segment of life of Tom Sawyer life, who was an orphan boy in Missouri, circa the 1840s.

The cast is as follows:

Jeff Thatcher was played by Kole Wagner, Tom Sawyer by Austin Bahr, Mrs. Thatcher by Annalyse Gilmore, Becky Thatcher by Darci Kendrick, Aunt Polly by Kendra Bahr, Sid Sawyer by Seth Lowery, Cousin Mary by Emily Davenport, Ben Rogers by Benji Banwart, Joe Harper by Jason Avery, Jim Hollis by Drake Garcia, Ted Austin by Josiah Banwart, Amy Lawrence by Lily Leigh, Lyda Hollis by Annalyse Gilmore, Widder Douglas by Annie Tarter, Preacher/schoolmaster by J.B. Lowry, Judge Thatcher by Steven Avery, Hope Austin by Emily Davenport, Suzie Harper by Kathryn Hudiberg, Faith Harper  by Marissa Meanor, Huck Finn by Trace Evans, Doc Robinson by  Benji Banwart, Injun Joe by Bryce Meanor, Muff Potter by Jason Avery, The Constable by Lucas Gilmore.

Sound, lighting, and props were by Mike Avery and Larry Davolt.

Costumes were provided by Vickie Shead.

The stage crew was Lucas Gilmore, J.B. Lowry, Brandon West, Mike Avery and Tim Avery.

Following are scenes from the play:

Tom Sawyer, Jeff Thatcher, Mrs. Thatcher and Becky Thatcher.
Tom Sawyer wins the prize for the most memorized scriptures.

Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer get engaged.
Tom Sawyer ponders why he is always in trouble.
The funeral of Tom and Huck.
Tom surprises the community by coming to his own funeral.

Tom swears on the Bible at the trial of Muff Potter.

Principal Terry Chance does the sound equipment during the play.
The cast of Tom Sawyer thanks Mike Avery and Terry Chance for their help behind the scenes of the play.
Members of the audience take their leave following the play Tom Sawyer Saturday evening at Fort Scott Christian Heights school.


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  1. Hats off to the entire cast, stage crew, director and all involved for your wonderful presentation of this classic story! Lots of talent, humor, mischief and hard work paid off. The homemade intermission reshreshments were appreciated and delicious as well.

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