Cash 2 Go auctions off repossessed vehicles

While driving south on 69 Highway, local residents may have often wondered about the vehicles being auctioned off in front of the Cash 2 Go store in Fort Scott. interviewed Manager Krista Bradley and Customer Service Representative Tiffany Philip about the sale of vehicles and how it is conducted.


Philip explained that Cash 2 Go uses two different markings to designate vehicles for sale, and that only the vehicles with writing on their windows are currently available for sale and for auction. One type is “starting bid,” which Philip said are for auction. The auction for each vehicle is a silent auction, and bids must be placed in person in the store. If a person is outbid, they are notified by phone and asked if they would like to place a higher bid. Bradley said that auctions typically last about 2 weeks if bids on the vehicle reach a reasonable amount.

The other marking type, Philip said, is “for sale” in which the vehicle is sold “first come, first serve.” Bradley also mentioned that prospective buyers may bring a mechanic with them and examine the vehicle’s engine and other components before they buy, because vehicles are sold “as is.” Philips clarified that potential buyers may test drive vehicles, but only in the parking lot. “The vehicle cannot hit the highway,” Philip said.

Philips explained that the store also does not do loans or financing on the vehicles being sold, and that Cash 2 Go does not accept checks for payment of vehicles. “We can’t accept checks because checks can bounce,” said Philips. Bradley added that the store does accept cashier’s checks for the amount of the purchase. The last step in the process after purchase of the vehicle is for the customer to get the title notarized.

Last, Bradley mentioned that the time frame for selling repossessed vehicles depends on the response of the original owner of the vehicle. Philip said that the original owner has 15 days after Cash 2 Go notifies them of the repossession to make a payment. After that 15-day period, the store has a waiting period until the title for the vehicle comes back, and only then can the vehicle be put up for sale or for auction.


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