Bourbon County Has Seventh Case of COVID 19

Bourbon County has its seventh case of COVID 19, Rebecca Johnson, SEK Multi-County Health Departments Administrator, said.

The county had seven prior to this, but one was a resident of Woodson County and living in Bourbon. Has since been removed from Bourbon’s count.

The following is a press release from the county health department:

May 20, 2020;

A Bourbon County, KS positive COVID-19 test was confirmed this morning, making Bourbon County’s total number of cases 7. The testing was confirmed through a reference laboratory that was used. The individual works in multiple counties in the health care capacity and was tested as a requirement for work. This case is symptomatic. The individual is in isolation in their home. Their household is in quarantine in their home. Co-workers are taking necessary safety precautions. All potential contacts have been notified and the investigation is complete.

The Bourbon County Public Health Department urges the public to continue to take appropriate actions. Individuals should continue to practice social distancing, clean/disinfect any high touched surfaces, wash their hands with soap and water routinely, use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available and avoid touching your face (especially eyes, nose & mouth).

Please remember if you have the symptoms to:

Call before going to a Clinic, Hospital, ER, or Health Department

Close contact means: 6 foot or less for 10 minutes or more, with a positive case.

If you are experiencing life threatening symptoms, PLEASE CALL 911.

For more information you may call the SEK Multi-County Health Department: Bourbon: (620)223-4464 Monday-Thursday 7:00am-5:30pm OR the COVID-19 Hotline: (866)534-3463.You may also visit the

COVID-19 Resource Center at: Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Departments on Facebook for local updates.


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