Bourbon County COVID-19 Since July 1: Positive Tests Up, Average Age Is 34

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 COVID-19 is having a resurgence nationwide that includes Bourbon County.
The Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Department is located between 6th and Lowman Streets and 6th and Horton Streets.

“At this time, I would recommend that if Bourbon County residents vaccinated or unvaccinated cannot socially distance themselves from others in public settings, that they wear a mask,” said Rebecca Johnson, Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Department Administrator said.  “When I left work yesterday evening our active COVID-19 case count was up to 97.”

“This surge compares closest with the surge we had around Thanksgiving time last year,” she said.

“There have been breakthrough cases where fully vaccinated people have contracted COVID-19,” she said.  “We have had several cases of the Delta variant, but according to KDHE’s last report, have not had any from the tests they’ve received, in the last three weeks.”

“The Delta variant is a highly contagious strain of the COVID-19 virus that has been detected in the states that surround us as well as many counties that surround Bourbon,” Johnson said.

“I also recommend getting vaccinated if you are able. Bourbon County has four COVID-19 providers: Bourbon County Health Department, Walmart, CHC-SEK, and Walgreens. Practice social distancing, use good hygiene, and stay home when sick!” she said.

Mondays are walk-in days,  call for an appointment (620)223-4464.


Bourbon County COVID statistics provided by CHC/SEK.

Since July 1, 2021, the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas has tested 530 Bourbon County residents for COVID-19, Robert Poole, Communication and Marketing Director at CHC/SEK said.

“Of those, 167 tested positive for COVID-19,” he said. “The average age of a COVID-19 positive patient in Bourbon County, for the current month, is currently 34 years old.”

“These are CHC/SEK internal tracking numbers, and do not include the efforts and statistics of the Bourbon County Health Department, Via Christi ER, or other testers in Bourbon County,” Poole said.

According to information provided by CHC/SEK, if one tests positive for COVID-19, they should talk to their healthcare provider about monoclonal antibody treatment, which has been granted emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for patients with mild or moderate COVID-19, who are at high risk of developing severe symptoms. This treatment may reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations if given from 10 days from the onset of symptoms.

It is given by infusion at an infusion site with a provider’s order.

This treatment is for those who test positive for the disease, are 12 years and older, and within 10 days of onset of symptoms.

It is also for those over 65 years old, are obese/overweight based on CDC charts, pregnant, have chronic kidney disease, diabetes, immunosuppressive disease, chronic lung disease, Sickle Cell disease, neurodevelopmental disorders or have medical-related technology dependence: tracheostomy, gastrostomy, positive pressure ventilation, not related to COVID-19.

To get tested or get a vaccine contact CHC at 620-231-9873.

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, 401 Woodland Hills Blvd.


Girard Medical Center of Uniontown Clinic also has rapid testing of COVID-19 available and can schedule a vaccine as well. The clinic  phone number is 620-756-4111.

Lori Reith, left, medical assistant, and Stephanie Hallacy, nurse practitioner, stand in front of the newly opened Girard Medical Center Uniontown Clinic.




The following is information taken from the Center of Disease Control website.

CDC COVID Data Tracker

Vaccinations in Bourbon County, Kansas

How Do I Find a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Percent of Kansas’s fully vaccinated recipients with valid county of residence: 93.4%

States with lower percentages for valid county of residence should be interpreted with caution.

People Vaccinated
4,407 at least one dose
3,971 fully vaccinated
% of Total Population
30.3% at least one dose
27.3% fully vaccinated
Population ≥ 12 Years of Age
4,407 at least one dose
3,971 fully vaccinated
% of Population ≥ 12 Years of Age
36.4% at least one dose
32.8% fully vaccinated
Population ≥ 18 Years of Age
4,251 at least one dose
3,867 fully vaccinated
% of Population ≥ 18 Years of Age
39.3% at least one dose
35.7% fully vaccinated
Population ≥ 65 Years of Age
1,809 at least one dose
1,712 fully vaccinated
% of Population ≥ 65 Years of Age
61.5% at least one dose
58.2% fully vaccinated
CDC | Data as of July 26, 2021, 6:00am ET. Posted: 

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  1. Please heed this news and get vaccinated ASAP. Thanks from all of us who want to be free of COVID 19; health care providers are struggling to take care of the increasing numbers. If you aren’t feeling well, any reason, go get tested. And ask for treatment if you test positive for COVID 19.

  2. Something that wasnt mentioned in the article was how many positives were breakthrough and how many were unvaccinated. That would be useful numbers.

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