Bourbon County Commission Agenda April 3


Bourbon County Commission Room 

2nd Floor, County Courthouse 

210 S. National Avenue 

Fort Scott, KS 66701 

Tuesdays starting at 9:00 


Date: April 3rd, 2018 


1st District-Lynne Oharah                                          Minutes: Approved: _______________ 

2nd District-Jeff Fischer                                                                Corrected: _______________                                                                                                  

3rd District-Nick Ruhl                                                              Adjourned at: _______________ 

County Clerk-Kendell Mason 


9:00-9:45-Jim Harris-Replacement of tractor and mower 

    Lawn mower for Elm Creek 


9:15-Executive Session-Confidential data relating to financial affairs or trade secrets of a corporation 


9:45-10:00-Tim Travis and Lynette Westhoff-Billiard-Hammer 


10:15-10:20-Right away for private sign on County property  




11:00-Justin Meeks 


11:15-Executive Session-Privileged in the attorney-client relationship 


11:30-12:00-Landbank and publication of title insurance 


12:00-1:00-Commissioners gone to lunch 


1:00-1:30-Review of Neighborhood Revitalization program 

       School Board meetings and FSCC dates and times 


1:30-2:00-Clint Anderson/Justin Meeks-Executive Session-Privileged in the attorney-client relationship


2:30-3:00- Review any and all handbook issues/Prep for meeting 

 Justifications for Executive Session: 

          Personnel matters of individual non-elected personnel 

          Consultation with an attorney for the body or agency which would be deemed privileged in the attorney-client relationship 

          Matters relating to employer-employee negotiations whether or not in consultation with the representative(s) of the body or agency 

          Confidential data relating to financial affairs or trade secrets of corporations, partnerships, trusts and individual proprietorships 

          Preliminary discussions relating to the acquisition of real property 

          Matters relating to the security of a public body or agency, public building or facility or the information system of a public body or agency, if the discussion of such matters at an open meeting would jeopardize the security of such public body, agency, building, facility or information system 


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