BNSF at work on tracks damaged in fire

After yesterday’s incident on the railroad tracks near 26oth and Arrowhead Streets, BNSF is at work on the tracks repairing damage. Deputy Kase of the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Department said that BNSF is looking into the cause of the fire, and that the railroad company’s main concern was getting the damaged railroad ties and other pieces of the track repaired to return the track to working condition. Kase mentioned that BNSF had the damaged vehicle hauled away quickly.

Crossing at 260th and Arrowhead silent as BNSF works to repair railroad tracks

Of the accident, Kase said “It was fairly uneventful” and that his main concern when he responded to the call was to make sure that there were no injuries or suspected arson. Kase said that several rural fire departments responded, including Arma, Scott Township and the Garland Rural Fire Department. Kase estimated that the fire was put out within 20 minutes.

Repairs taking place just around this corner in the tracks


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