Ben Nguyen Named 2022 Lowell Milken Center Fellow

The Lowell Milken Center (LMC) for Unsung Heroes in Fort Scott, Kansas, an international educational non-profit, has awarded its prestigious Fellowship to Ben Nguyen, an Automation Technology and Robotics Teacher/Coach at Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ben Nguyen arrived in Fort Scott on June 19th for a week of collaboration with LMC staff.


The LMC Fellowship is a merit-based award for educators of all disciplines who value the importance of teaching respect and understanding through project-based learning. The Center selects exemplary teachers from the United States and around the world who will collaborate on projects that discover, develop, and communicate the stories of Unsung Heroes in history.


Ben Nguyen, an eighth-year high school science and Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher at Sunrise Mountain High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, was a 2019 Nevada Milken Educator. Ben works diligently to create pathways to career certification, gainful employment, and academic access for his students through his many engagements within his local and state communities. He actively participates in many events throughout each school year. These include his students’ participation in local STEAM competitions, his presentations on technology and research at conventions, frequent volunteering in the community, and leading workshops to teach and mentor other students.


Throughout his career as a teacher, Ben has been keenly involved with numerous organizations in the industries for which he prepares his students and with many different educational institutions. His efforts include working diligently as a teacher advisor with the Tesla K-12 Investment in Nevada on workforce development and education programs in 2019. He also serves as a board member in numerous nonprofit organizations to create opportunities for all students and community members through learning programs and activities each year. Ben works tirelessly to advance the capacity of his school and state to meet the challenges of rapidly changing industries, including his focus on advanced manufacturing through the building of his school’s program. In his free time, Ben enjoys rock climbing, reading nonfiction, and tinkering in his advanced manufacturing workshop.


LMC Executive Director Norm Conard says, “Ben will be an asset to our 2022 LMC Fellows team. His vast experiences in the areas of STEAM education have made invaluable contributions in preparing students for entering today’s workforce. We know his expertise will enrich the experiences of all of our Fellows this year.”

While in Fort Scott, LMC Fellows gain knowledge, educational resources and support in helping students cultivate a passion for learning through the creation of projects that initiate positive change. Fellows will be equipped to develop Unsung Heroes projects with their students, applying and evaluating the stories of these role models who have changed the world

throughout history.



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