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Even though Arcadia High School closed its doors at the end of the  “1965” school year, the annual alumni banquet is still being held on memorial week-end every year in Pittsburg, Kansas.  The membership also includes the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman Class of 1965.  The banquet was held at the Lamplighter Inn on Saturday afternoon, May 25th and was catered by Gebhardts and served by the Stansbury

brothers of Arcadia, Ks. Open Door Mission Church Youth.


Enclosed with the invitation to the banquet this year was the 2023  Financial Report prepared by Shirley Landon, Treasurer.  The 2023

Minutes were enclosed also prepared by Virginia Smith, Secretary.

These were included in the mailing to provide more time for visiting.


Social hour was 1:00-3:00 p.m. followed by lunch and business meeting. President Pat Morris of Arcadia welcomed the 42 Alumni and 25 guests.  The Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag was led by Merle Engle.   The invocation was by Larry Shead


At the opening of the business meeting, Pat introduced alumni officers  Vice President, Tom Watt; Secretary, Virginia Smith;  Treasurer, Shirley Landon; and Marilyn Flagg, Historian.


There were no objections or corrections to the 2023 Minutes or the 2023 Treasurer’s report.  They stand approved as presented.


Larry Shead made a motion to move next year’s banquet to the Community Center in Arcadia. Helen Nichols and Merle Engle

seconded and motion passed. This action was taken because our attendance is getting smaller every year, cost involved, and other reasons.

Michael Sheffield led the nominations and election of officers.  There were no nominations from the floor and the following officers will remain for 2025: Pat Morris, President; Tom Watt, Vice President; Shirley Landon, Treasurer; Virginia Smith, Secretary; and Marilyn Flagg as Historian.


Special recognition was given to members of the 60th  (1964);

70th (1954); and 80th (1944) this year.


Those attending from the 60th class were the following: Virginia

Harris Smith; Ronnie Kellogg and guest Barbara Kellogg; Terry

Kunstel; Steve Morris and guest Raymond Kalm; Peggy O’Dell Worsley

and guest Paul Worsley; Ronnie Portwood and guest Mary Portwood; Pat Smith Morris; and Sherry Swafford Page.


Attending from the 70th.   were as follows:  Esther (Engle) Cousins

and guest Janice Crooks; Yvonne (Garrett) Beck and guest Susie

Arvidson; Gary Peterson and guest Patricia Peterson.


Marilyn Flagg spoke in behalf of her Aunt Mary Coonrod Bournonville who resides in Hurst, Texas with her daughter and husband. If

Mary had been able to attend, it would have been her 80th.


Fred Dixon was recognized as being a teacher in the Arcadia Grade School. Jan Steele was recognized as being the daughter of former Arcadia High School music teacher, Dick Steele.


All 25 guests were asked to stand and be recognized.


Pat Morris, chairman of the Scholarship Committee, announced the winner of the 2024  A.F. Bowlus/Betty Kirksey Scholarships as Trenton

Siemens. Trenton and his father attended and Trenton gave a speech expressing his appreciation for the scholarship.  He is the grandson of Tom Watt. Trenton received $1,000.  Andrew Bossung was awarded an additional “AHS” scholarship in the amount of $500.  Andrew is the youngest grandson of William and Louise (Opitz) Hughes. Because this day was Andrew’s graduation, Andrew was unable to attend.  His Uncle David Hughes spoke in Andrew’s behalf. David talked of Andrew’s accomplishments and how worthy that he was to receive a scholarship from Arcadia High School.  David also talked of his late mother’s passing, Louise Opitz Hughes, and how the Arcadia alumni banquet was her greatest event to attend every year.  Louise’s 80th was last year and she was so looking forward to the 2024 banquet.


Pat Morris introduced the officers who served on the scholarship committee.  They were Shirley Landon, Marilyn Flagg, Virginia Smith and herself. There was also help from 3 other individuals from outside of our alumni. One is  presently a teacher, another was a retired teacher, and the third one was a highly respected individual.


Any child, grandchild, or great grandchild of Arcadia High School Alumni may apply for a scholarship.


Marilyn Flagg led the memorial service for alumni deceased since the last meeting.  Those remembered were: Lorraine (Bean) Starks; Louise (Opitz) Hughes; Marie (Hoover) Marshall; Robert W. Hamilton; Lavon (O’Dell) Rons; Joe Morris; Dr. Retha (Hoover) (Kilpatrick) (Gries); Richard Coonrod; John A. Swezey; Pauline (Coonrod) Hart; Mary (Panizzi) Granon; Gary Cambers; Carol (Morris) Davis; Merle Mayfield; Melvin Nichols; Orville Allen Darnaby; Mary Lou (Davidson) Peace; Charles Morris; and Lynda Lou DeNeve (Teacher).


Jerry Skidmore  (Class of 1949)  was given an award for being the “Oldest” alumni.  Esther (Engle) Cousins (Class of 1954) was awarded for traveling the “Most Distance”.


The school song was led by Mary Lee Payne.


The Benediction was led by Ralph Shead.


The roll call which consisted of the following and the 1944, 1954, and 1964  classes listed above was done by Tom Watt.


1949 –  Jerry Skidmore

1950 –  Betty (Clarkson) Skidmore

1951 –  Bertha (McClendon) Hencey and guest Dickie Hadley

1952 –  Don Kauble and guest Cynthia Kauble Kreisel

1953 –  Bobby Harris and guest Alisha Harris

1955 –  Mary Lee (Eggen) Payne

1956 –  Shirley (McKinstry) Landon

1957 –  Merle Engle

Francis M. Jones and guest Karen Kay Tripp

Lilly (Turner) Sheffield

1958 –  Fred Dixon

Sandra Sue Stelle

1959 –  William Page

Michael Sheffield

Beverly (Swafford) Silvers and guest Vern Silvers

1960 –  Hilda Cockman Page

Jerry Coonrod and guest Jan Steele

Joyce (Page) Wilson and guest Sheila (Page) Hale

1962 –   Marilyn (Coonrod) Flagg

Barbara (Dawson) Swearingen

Joyce (Elliott) Maycumber

Helen (Morris) Nichols

Ronnie Smith

1963 –  Richard Page

1965 –  Betty (Jack) DeLoach

1966 –  Jerry Morris

Larry Smith

1968 – Don Schaub

Larry Shead and guest Ralph Shead

Sherry Sisney

Tom Watt and guest Phyllis Watt


Other guests were David Hughes and Ardis Jefferies; Trenton Siemens;

and Austin Siemens.


The servers were the

Stansbury Brothers (Camryn, Sammy, Wyatt, and Timothy), of Arcadia, Kansas Open Door Mission Church Youth and Judy Stansbury.
















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