Local Insurance Industry Software Business to Change Name

Nedra Barr. Submitted photo.

Nedra Barr started the business, Spyder Inc., in 2021, and it is located at 102 W. 2nd. She is the CEO and founder.

The business develops software and sells it to the insurance industry.

This month the business is renaming to OnboardXI.

“The new name is short for Onboarding Experience Improvement,” she said.  “Our new name represents what we do for insurance companies and Insurance Marketing Organizations (IMO), which are our two target markets.  The Spyder name will be phased out once the new website is up and running over the next few weeks.”

Onboarding is the processing of a new application for insurance of any kinds, Barr said. “Once the application for insurance is completed by the customer, it goes to the Insurance Marketing Organization or directly to the insurance company to process and issue or decline the policy.  While I make this sound simple, these are highly complicated and technical work streams for insurance companies. Every insurance company is unique from another.”

“The OnboardXi solution is easily flexible and adaptable to accommodate each company’s differences,” she said. “Our platform connects systems together fast, processes new applications fast…. right the first time.  Pretty fun stuff!”

“What used to take months and years to setup for an insurance company, we can do in weeks to couple of months,” she said. “This will be a huge cost savings to insurance companies compared to older types of software solutions.”

“We liked the Spyder name but found it to be too common,” Barr said.  “As a result, we were not able to obtain the social media handles we need for marketing and sales.”

In today’s world, a business needs to use social media for presence, awareness and marketing, she said. ” We now have those capabilities with our new name.”

The OnboardXI Platform began demonstrations on  Feb. 3 to insurance companies and IMO’s  with a  rebranded rollout slated for March 1, 2023.

Mike Upright. Submitted photo.

The business has a new low code, no code digital platform that is unique in the insurance industry, according to Mike Upright, CTO Founder.  All types of new insurance applications: home, auto, life, disability, annuities, worker’s compensation, etc. will be driven   through the application process in the client’s offices with the OnboardXI workflows.

OnboardXI  can help up-sell and cross-sell their client’s products and services, which are new capabilities in the market, Upright said.

“This year, 45% of all insurance companies are anticipated to have projects to improve upon the exact things the OnboardXI solution solves,” Upright said.

David Brezik. Submitted photo.

David Brezik, local Fort Scott resident and investor in the business, is also the OnboardXi Senior Vice President Product and Co-Founder.  He believes their business will have a “significant impact in the insurance marketplace. This is truly next level software that will revolutionize the insurance industry.”

Arun Nageshwar. Submitted photo.

“We know the impact and importance of our solution in the United States,” Senior Vice President Product Engineering and Co-Founder Arun Nageshwar said. “When we are ready, we will look to specific international markets to serve as well.”

Three people work in Fort Scott office:  Brezik, Barr and a marketing support person.
Nageshwar works from India and Upright from St Augustine, FL.

For more information, contact Barr at [email protected]


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