FS City Administrator Signed Contract to Go To Caney

From the Facebook page of Montgomery County Chronicle:
CANEY — In a special meeting Wednesday night, the Caney City Council voted to offer a two-year contract to Kelley R. Zellner as city administrator.
Zellner is currently serving as city manager in Fort Scott, and held previous municipal posts in Fredonia as city administrator; Valley Center where he was public works director; and served as police chief in Conway Springs.
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2 thoughts on “FS City Administrator Signed Contract to Go To Caney”

  1. Is there someone that works for the county that wants that position so Kelly had to go!
    I think the citizens need to clean house when elections come around.

    1. I think maybe they need to abolish their government and start over with standards that make sense not contradict theirselves and confuse the people. Unabled to locate valid resident information as in when an ordinance was put into effect or what the police do if not enforce ordinaces and why animal control seems oblvious to animal ordinances. Its like they are making it up as they go along. Repealing ALL geberal nature ordinances but still enforcing them AND thenpayong a wichita firm for codification ofordinances that is supposedly the official codes for CANEY, Feels more like abuse of power to me.

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