Friends of Mercy Kickoff to be held Saturday

This Saturday, August 17th at Crooner’s Lounge a 6PM, Mercy will be holding a Friends of Mercy Kickoff event, including a  happy hour, dinner and auction to raise support for the Telemedicine Initiative at Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott. The cost to attend the event is $25, and registration for the event is available online. “Telemedicine is a wonderful new form of medicine where a patient is able to have a physician visit via a computer,” said Tina Rockhold, Regional Marketing/Communications Manager. Rockhold said that telemedicine holds great opportunities for increased care in rural communities. “The beauty of that in rural communities . . . is that it gives access to our patients who need care quickly and we may not have that specialist in that community,” Rockhold said.

Rockhold explained that telemedicine has been very effective and had great results for stroke victims in other areas where telemedicine has been used. “We don’t have those specialists like neurologists face to face,” Rockhold said. Rockhold said that through telemedicine, a local practitioner works with the specialist to treat and assess the patient. Rockhold said that in the case of a stroke victim, prompt treatment can help reverse potential damage. “That time is precious,” Rockhold said. Through telemedicine, Rockhold explained, a stroke patient could potentially be treated faster than if that patient had to travel to see a neurologist.

“The goal of the event on Saturday night is to raise funds to have the equipment and the necessary components in place,” Rockhold said. Rockhold explained that Mercy would like to have the equipment set up so that when specialists are in place for the program, Mercy will be able to serve patients as soon as possible.

For more information about the event, please contact Tina Rockhold at (620)-223-8094.



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