AD: Rick James For Kansas House of Representatives District 4

Rick James took this photo at the Pike Reservoir discussion in northwest Bourbon County earlier this year. Submitted.

Preserving Rural Kansas


It isn’t just about conserving land; it’s about safeguarding a way of life. In the heartland of America, our rural communities like Bourbon and Linn counties embody values of hard work, resilience and family which make up our nation’s identity. We are the custodians of our agricultural heritage, the stewards of our natural landscapes, and the backbone of our economy. Preserving rural Kansas means investing in its infrastructure, supporting local businesses, and fostering sustainable practices that ensure its prosperity for generations to come.

Preservation goes beyond bricks and mortar; it’s about nurturing a sense of belonging and community pride. It’s about empowering local leaders, amplifying rural voices, and celebrating the rich tapestry of traditions that define our rural way of life. Rick James would be that voice in Topeka.

Recently Eastern Kansas has come under attack from green energy companies wanting to claim our land for their profits. In Bourbon and Linn counties wind turbines took the first shot. Bourbon County faced zoning challenges which allowed some wind turbines into their community. Linn County managed to shut them down. Both counties face another attack, commercial solar farms. It was published that 10,000 acres in Bourbon County and 8,000 acres in Linn County were being considered for these commercial solar units. Additionally, there is an investor wanting to use 10,000 acres in Mapleton to develop “Pike’s Reservoir”. Rick James, candidate for KS State Representative, recently attended a meeting with approximately 200 angry residents. The project has been put on hold, but the fight is real. Farms would be lost, cemeteries moved or flooded over, and no doubt eminent domain would be claimed.

Projects, such as the development of solar farms and commercial reservoirs threaten rural Eastern Kansas. Together these projects would take nearly 30,000 acres away from farmers and ranchers, claiming valuable pasture, crop land and homesteads. In addition, there is the environmental effect on wildlife. We can do better, and it must be stopped. We need to be vigilant on the local and the state level. So let us stand together, to preserve the heart and soul of rural Kansas. For in its fields, farms, wildlife, and communities lies the essence of who we are as Kansans.

Please vote Rick James for Kansas State Representative on August 6. You are invited to click here and follow him on Facebook.


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