A New Fitness Studio: Up Dog Yoga

From the www.updogyoga.studio website.
For people who want to improve flexibility and strength fitness, Up Dog Yoga begins classes at 12B North Main (just north of Country Cupboard) on Oct. 1.
Regina Casner stands in front of her new fitness center site, 12B North Main Street, north of the Country Cupboard store. Casner has a degree in fitness management and is a certified yoga teacher.
Regina Casner of Mound City has started yoga classes and cardio classes in Fort Scott.
The name Up Dog Yoga comes from “a yoga pose where your heart is open,” Casner said. “It’s a fun name, yoga should be fun.”
Up Dog Yoga offers both yoga and cardio workout classes every day except Friday and Sunday each week.
Classes cost $45 per month for unlimited classes, until Oct. 1, then it will go to $55 per month.
“You can get a class package or membership,” she said.
Classes offered are:
B Strong
“In B Strong, every class begins slowly, awakening all the major muscle groups while focusing on breath awareness,” she said. “You will move through a series of sweat-producing cardio and strength intervals timed to music. As your heart rate rises and falls you will surpass your physical and mental limits, revealing a new and empowered mind-body connection. Modifications are given so this is an all levels (of fitness) class.”

Power Basics

“Everyone needs to start somewhere,” she said. ” Whether you are new to yoga or just need some time to ease back into your practice, this class is for you!”

Power Stretch

“This class is for all runners, cyclers, all-day sitters, cross-fitters and never-quitters,” Casner said. “Whether you are training for a big event or sit behind a desk all-day this class if for you! These classes emphasize floor postures to stretch, open and release the major muscle groups of the entire body. Benefits of this style of classes include fewer injuries, improved sleep, and reduced aches and pains.”

Journey to Power

“Baptiste Power Vinyasa: Sweat. Flow. Transform. A dynamic practice that is the perfect blend of sweat, strength and power.”

Fitness Class Teaching for Over 25 Years
Casner has a bachelors in science degree from Pittsburg State University, majoring in recreation therapy and fitness management.
“I started teaching fitness classes my junior year in college, so around 1994,” Casner said.
“I am a Registered Yoga Teacher, certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, certified American Council on Exercise Group Exercise, and Spin certification,” she said.
She just completed a tenure at Kansas University’s Recreation and Fitness Center as the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator.
“Yoga is an amazing tool that improves your strength, your flexibility and the way you move and feel in your body,” she said. “Yoga also can be a tool to help you experience more calm and focus. I am passionate about sharing yoga with others and Fort Scott is close to home and full of amazing people—so why not start classes?”
Currently, she is meeting at I Am Rehab but is moving to the new space on Oct. 1.
Details can be found at www.updogyoga.studio
and also on Up Dog Yoga Studio Facebook page.
Casner also offers faith-based health coaching online for an 8-week course called “Journey into Balance.”
“We cover eight health habits to restore health and hormones to help balance hormones, sleep better, decrease negative stress and get rid of cravings,” Casner said.
Go to restoretribe.com for more information.

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  1. Thank you for the great article, Loretta! I’m excited for Regina’s new venture in Fort Scott. I hope folks will take an opportunity to try one of her classes and see the benefits.

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