Duncans Host Public Meeting To Answer Questions

Beaux Arts Centre, 102 S. National Avenue.

Denise and Bobby Duncan are opening their residence located at 102 S. National Ave., to the public this evening at 6 p.m. to answer questions and concerns about their recent closure of the Beaux Art Center.

“We are hoping to have documents ready….there has been a lot of misinformation,” Denise Duncan said.

The event is “especially for people in the historic district,” Duncan said. “And people that rent historic buildings.”

Both she and husband, Bobby will be there, she said.

The Duncan’s have had several discussions about the building with city officials that have been unsatisfactory, she said.

Denise Duncan contends that because their residence is a historic building, a code footprint is not needed. Additionally, they contend that the code footprint provided to the city is incorrect, she said.

“The code footprint regulation, K.A.R. 22-1-7, defines minimum features… for an objective evaluation by uniform application of state law using minimum resources. It also makes the code footprint available to assist local fire and building officials (to) view new construction and changes in use,” according to  http://firemarshal.ks.gov/division/prevention/plans-review-code-footprint.

“The  State Fire Marshall verified that it (their building) is on the state historic register,” she said. “Since it is on the historic register they are giving the city power to make waivers, exceptions, and variances on such matters.”

The City of Fort Scott hired Zingre and Associates P.A. to make the code footprint.

“Zingre’s code footprint is full of errors,” Duncan said.

Among Zingre’s biggest concerns is lack of proper egress width for stairways and doors based on the calculated occupant load of the building and how this load would spread out among the building’s two exits, according to his letter to the city, which was provided by Duncan.

Egress is an exit, according to the dictionary.

The Duncan’s will explain these contentions and others this evening at the meeting they are hosting.

Denise Duncan shows how the Zingre calculation was incorrect in the measurement of the front door to the Beaux Arts Centre. Zingre did not measure the door, merely assumed it was the standard 32 inches, she said. This measurement error cuts the number of people allowed at one time in the building, which drastically affects their business, she said.
The measurement of the front door is 42 inches, which would allow more people to be in the building at the same time. Duncan contends Zingre did not measure the door while at her residence to design the code footprint.
Denise Duncan looks at the code footprint document designed by Zingre and Associates P.A. This stairway on the south side of the building is not listed as an exit in the footprint.
This is the west staircase which leads down to the main level from the upper level and is not shown as an exit on the code footprint.
This window is the exit that the code footprint shows as the only exit on this floor which has three staircases that lead down, Duncan said. It is a window on the main level of the building.
This is the first page of a three-page letter that accompanied the code footprint design sent to the city in January 2018 by Zingre and Associates, P.A, provided by Duncan. The fourth paragraph states the biggest concern of the architects.
The second page of the letter from Zingre and Associates P.A. to the City of Fort Scott. Listed are other points that need to be addressed by the Duncan’s in regard to their building.
The third page from Zingre to the city.
Following is the code footprint produced by Zingre and Associates P.A. for the city, dated Jan. 17, 2018.
This is the lower level of the Beaux Art Center as shown in the code footprint.
The main level of the Beaux Arts Centre.
The upper level of the Beaux Arts Centre. This level has three stairway exits that are not designated as exits on the code footprint, a point of contention with the Duncans. The small triangle at the bottom of the design, notes the only exit listed on this floor, a window.
The code footprint legend of the Beaux Arts Centres.
A letter from Fort Scott Community Development Director Rhonda Dunn, which stated that a copy of the completed plan was sent to the state fire marshal. Denise Duncan said they should have had the report to look over and discuss with the city before it was sent.
This is Duncan’s response to Dunn’s letter, saying there were many error and omissions in the code footprint. The letter tells the city of Duncan’s intent to close the business, the Beaux Arts Centre.
Page 2 of the Duncan letter to the city.
Denise Duncan highlighted the parts of this Kansas Municipality and Code Officials Brochure, which lists groups of buildings that must provide a code footprint. She contends that none of these apply to the Duncan building.


Friends Of The Fort Host Churchill March 31

The board of the Friends of the Fort Scott National Historic Site face the camera following the weekly Chamber Coffee Thursday. Front from left is Vonnie Rickerson, Marlene Braker, back from left is Martha Scott, Reed Hartford, and Kelley Collins. Not pictured is Joyce Gobl, Matt Wells, Katie Wells and Shaylynn Clements.

Members of Friends of Fort Scott National Historic Site hosted the weekly Chamber Coffee Thursday to highlight their organization.

FFSNHS President Reed Hartford told the coffee attendees that they are a non-profit, separate from the historic site.

The organization can raise funds and spend money on advertising, two actions that the historic site cannot do, Hartford said.

In 2009 the group began to support activities of the site.

Some of their accomplishments are: promoting FSNHS as one of the wonders of Kansas, providing a community Fourth of July ice cream social, providing lunch for new citizens following the naturalization ceremony,  and providing refreshments at the end of candlelight tours.

Since 2010 the FFSNHS group has sponsored a Friends Fest as a fundraiser.

This year it is this Saturday, March 31 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Liberty Theater, 113 S. Main.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce, 231 E. Wall.

The group is bringing reenactor Randy Otto as Sir Winston Churchill.

Randy Otto as Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill was a primary character in many major events of British history in the 20th century.

For more information, contact Martha Scott, 620-224-9924.

The sponsors of the event are City State Bank, Union State Bank, Landmark Bank and Jim and Connie Banwart.

The following is a gallery of coffee attendees interacting prior to the announcement segment of the event.

At each coffee, members give a donation to the Chamber of $1 and tell about an event coming up in the community. The group that hosts the coffee gets extra time to tell about their business or organization.



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