Head of Harvest Ministries Sentenced

According to the eMissourian, Paul House of Harvest Ministries and his wife were both sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay over $80,000 in restitution for Social Security fraud.

The sentence means the House’s avoided the expected jail term.

Harvest Ministries owns the old Western buildings down town where the planned to put in a television studio and medical testing facility.

You can read more details in our previous story about Harvest Ministries and the building.

The buildings have enough unpaid taxes that they should be listed on the upcoming tax sale. However, since they were not published in the past, they will have to wait to be sold until they have been published for three years.


Pool Progress Photos

The pool is coming along. Here are some photos of the progress. The foreman said that the rain last week hadn’t helped them, but things were still coming along as planned. Don’t forget you can buy a historic brick and have it engraved with your name to be used as part of the walk way. The form can be downloaded from this link.

Beacon Soup Line

Each year the community raises money for the Beacon by putting on a soup line. This year  it will be held on Thursday March 29th from 11am until 7pm at the Scottish right temple. Please make an effort to be there to help support this important organization.  You can join the event page on Facebook and then share it with your friends to help spread the word. It may not seem like a big deal, but if everyone took a few minutes to invite a handful of their friends, it could make a very big difference for the Beacon this year.

The event is being coordinated by the Young Professional’s League and tickets can be purchased from members, from Country Cupboard or at the door.

Below are some photographs of last years event taken by Kenny Felt.

Kansas County Clerk Scholarship

There is a scholarship  available from the Kansas County Clerk’s and Election Officials’ association. Details from the press release follow:

February 15, 2012


The Kansas County Cler’s and Election Officials’ Association is taking scholarship applications from those students that are majoring in Journalism, Political Science or Communications. The scholarships are available to High School Seniors or College Freshmen or Sophomores.

The monies from these scholarships are made available by the effort put forth by local Election Officials and Supervising judges of the State of Kansas. Each is asked to call a toll free number and report to the Voter News Service, specified races in the General Election.

The Voters News Service collects and tabulates a single, accurate set of election returns for broadcast and publication throughout the nation and abroad for the Associated Press, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News and United Press International.

Due to joint efforts of the County Clerks, Secretary of State’s Office and the Voters News Service, the Scholarship Committee will be awarding 10 scholarships in the amount of $500.00 each.

Applications may be picked up at your school or at the County Clerk’s Office and all applications must be returned to your local county clerk or mailed to Inge Luntsford, 130 N. Spruce, Kingman, KS 67068, on or before April 3, 2012.

The scholarship winners will be announced at the County Clerk’s and Election Officials’ Association Seminar in May. The County Clerk from the recipient’s county will award them a their local school awards assembly.

Skate Park Progress Photos

Scott Musgrove and several other workers from Who Skates of Maine were busy finishing concrete on the new skate park on Friday. Mr. Musgrove said that the concrete work should be finished in the next week and said he expected the grand opening to take place in April.

The skate park will be called the James B. Tedesco Memorial Skate Park in memory of a relative of a large donor.

BOCO Review Launches Website

The BOCO Review is a new weekly newspaper that will start publishing next month. They have launched their website at www.thebocoreview.com. You can subscribe to the paper from their website. Local residents pay $38.50 for 52 issues of the paper with slightly higher rates for non-local subscriptions. Subscriptions to the online paper can be had for as little as $25 per year.

Microwave Tower Demolition

Before buried fiber optic cables were common, microwave towers offered one of the best ways of transmitting data signals. As more and more fiber has been installed, the microwave towers fell into disuse. Roughly two decades ago, the AT&T office in Fort Scott installed a large tower for microwave transmission. It is now being taken down.

Below are some photographs of the demolition work being done to remove the tower.