Wind Energy Project Is Advancing In Bourbon County

Standing at the bottom of a wind turbine looking up at the clear Kansas sky.

The Bourbon County Commission voted on March 13, 2020,  to approve a wind energy project submitted by Apex Clean Energy, Charlottesville, Virginia. There was some community protest, but the commission moved forward with the project that will produce energy from wind turbines.



The development of the Jayhawk Wind Project continues to advance, according to Helen Humphreys, Public Engagement Manager for Apex Clean Energy, the parent company of Jayhawk Wind.
The land is currently being inspected on proposed sites.

“We are in process of conducting (and) completing micro siting efforts, a process which involves a physical inspection to verify that the site meets all requirements,” she said in an email interview. “Once micro siting is complete,  engineering studies will be conducted to further evaluate the sites on which facilities might be located.”



“Once this work is complete, we will share the locations of the planned facilities with landowners and collect their feedback, before a map is finalized,” she said.



“There are 74 participating landowners in the Jayhawk Wind Project,” Humphreys said. As things stand now, construction will begin in late 2020 and the project will be operational in 2021.



The Apex Clean Energy company has been building connections in Bourbon County, as well.



“Finally, and importantly, the Jayhawk team has continued to build connections in the community,” Humphrey’s said. “Guided by community leaders, Jayhawk has provided grants to a number of community organizations, including The Beacon food pantry and Feeding Families in His Name.”



Julianna Pianelli, Apex Development Manager, explained that “early in the pandemic response, Jayhawk connected with community non-profits and church leaders to identify the organizations positioned to meet community needs. We are humbled by the commitment of so many to their neighbors and community and are very pleased to support their work.”
For more background on Jayhawk Wind in Bourbon County:

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  1. So, the community protested, but the commission did it anyway…..Color me surprised.
    Everyone should go take a drive to SW MO Hwy 126 at 43 and see how HORRIBLE it looks down there. 6 months ago it was beautiful country, now it’s a skyline of horrible looking machines. Not 1 or 2, probably close to 75-100 of these things. Its disgusting to look at….

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