Updated Agenda for FS Commission Meeting May 4



APRIL 20, 2021
6:00 P.M.

  1. Roll Call:

K. Allen P. Allen R. Nichols L. Watts J. Jones

II. Flag Salute:

  1. Invocation: Led by: Associate Pastor Brian Rhoades, Grace Baptist Tabernacle

  2. Proclamations/Recognitions:

  3. Consent Agenda:

  1. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of April 20th, 2021 and special meeting of April 27th, 2021 and amended minutes of April 6th, 2021.

  2. Approval of Appropriation Ordinance 1287-A totaling $270,376.88.

  3. Certificate of Appropriateness – Unsung Heroes Park sign murals

  4. Consideration to Pay – HDR Engineering, Inc. – $7,335.00-River Intake Project

  5. Approval of Cereal Malt Temporary Beverage License – Good Ol’ Days – Beer Tent – June 4th & 5th, 2021

  1. Public Comment:

(Sign up required. Comments on any topic not on agenda and limited to five (5) minutes per person, at Commission discretion)

  1. City Manager Reports and Comments

  1. Director Update: Allyson Turvey-Smart Growth/T-Mobile Update

  1. Old Business: None

  1. Appearances: Emilie Zalfini – NLC Presentation

Shaun O’Brien – Requests for closure of streets for Good Ol’ Days event:

Old Fort Blvd. from Wall Street to National Avenue

     Main Street from Skubitz Plaza to Third Street

     Scott Street from Wall Street to Second Street

     Wall Street from National to Scott

     First Street from National to Scott Street

     Second Street from National to Scott Street

     Use of Memorial Hall for Baby Contest and Talent Extravaganza

     Heritage Park at corner of First and Main

     Parking lot behind Heritage Park

     Parking lot at corner of Third and Main

     Parking lot at Second and Scott

     Parking lot at Wall and Scott

     Parking lot at Wall and alley between Main and Scott

     Parking lot between Memorial Hall and the Library

     Parking lot between National and Block House (Carnival will begin setting up here on Tuesday, June 2nd)

Parking lot between Old Fort Blvd. and H & H Realty Agency (Carnival will begin setting up here on Tuesday, June 2nd)

     Old Fort Blvd – South side from National to alley (Carnival will begin setting up here on Tuesday, June 2nd)

Skubitz Plaza – (No special set up for event this year, but need Old Fort Blvd closed when tents go up Wednesday on east bound from Main.  All closed Thursday and Friday.

  1. New Business:

  1. Consideration of Conditional Use Permit – 10 N National – Allow residential living on the first floor

  2. Request to Pay – Skitch’s Hauling & Excavation Invoice – $1,914.00

  3. Consideration of Curbside Pickup Program

  4. Consideration of RFQ’s – Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering

  5. Discussion of Proposed and Recommended Deed Restrictions from Lake Fort Scott Advisory Board Committee

  6. Consideration to purchase mini-excavator

XI. Reports and Comments:

B. Commissioners Reports and Comments:

C. City Attorney Reports and Comments:

XII. Executive Session – If requested, (please follow script in all motions for Executive Sessions)

XIII. Adjournment:

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