Unofficial Election Results For Bourbon County

Vote Here sign at the Bourbon County Courthouse.

The following are the unofficial results for the general election Nov. 5 for the Fort Scott City Commission, USD 234, and Fort Scott Community College Trustees,  USD 235, area town councils and the Southwind District.

Out of 11,526 registered voters in Bourbon County, 2, 345 voted in this election.

According to Bourbon County Clerk Kendell Mason, the results will not be official until after canvassing by the commissioners on November 14th

To see the complete Bourbon County Clerk’s election results click below:



City Commission

Pete Allen-714

Kevin Allen- 688

Lindsey Watts-661


USD 234

Lynnette Jackson for the at-large position- 1,030

Danny Brown for the #2 position- 1,193

Kellye Barrows for the # 3 position-1,294


Fort Scott Community College

David Elliott-1,632

Robert Nelson-1,275

Kirk Hart-1,144


The above information from Larry Gazaway on

http://KOMB-FM All-Hit 103.9 & KMDO-AM 1600 Fort Scott Broadcasting


Info from the Bourbon County Clerk’s office:

USD 235

Troy Goodridge, position one-217

Jason Sutterby, position two-227

Joshua Hartman, position three-137

Sally Johnson, at large position-195

Fulton mayor, no candidate filed, there were 14 write-ins


James Olson-26

Danielle Minor-26

Michael Stewart-30


Jimmie Jackson-16

L.D. Morrison-15

Angela Hixon-12


Danae Esslinger-27

Dave Wehry-27

3 thoughts on “Unofficial Election Results For Bourbon County”

  1. Why were party declarations not on ballots?
    We have to declare what party we are to register to vote but Bourbon County can decide not to put candidates party affiliations on the ballot. This seems not right to me.

  2. Some elections are “non-partisan”, meaning they don’t list party declarations. This is usually local stuff – city, school board elections, judges, and happens around the country, variations depending on state law of course. It’s generally a good thing – you want local people focused on local issues and where they stand, their background etc, it really is less about their views on national political party platforms; they aren’t deciding on those issues, so it helps keep the focus on the local matters. A good thing, imo, there’s enough partisan nonsense out there dividing us as it is.

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