Uniontown City Council Unapproved Minutes of Feb. 9

The Regular City Council Meeting on February 9, 2021 at Uniontown City Hall, was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Jurgensen. Council members present were Jess Ervin, Danea Esslinger, Josh Hartman, Amber Kelly, and Charles Wehry. Also in attendance for all or part of the meeting were Mark Warren, City Treasurer Charlene Bolinger, Codes Enforcement Officer Doug Coyan, City Superintendent Bobby Rich, and City Clerk Sally Johnson.


Smoothwall firewall & guest internet connections, Mark Warren – Mark started out going over all the technology that has been added. He gave a quick tutorial on the function of the Smoothwall firewall and presented options for allowing access to WIFI by guests.

Motion by Hartman, Second by Kelly, Approved 5-0 to allow guests open WIFI access with acceptance of terms and conditions before connection




Treasurer Bolinger presented the January Treasurer’s Report. Beginning Checking Account Balance for all funds was $401,098.47, Receipts $70,486.17, Transfers Out $3,026.00, Expenditures $19,809.54, Checking Account Closing Balance $448,749.10. Bank Statement Balance $453,583.25, including Checking Account Interest of $36.11, Outstanding Deposits $0, Outstanding Checks $4,834.15, Reconciled Balance $448,749.10. Water Utilities Certificates of Deposit $26,921.23, Sewer Utilities Certificate of Deposit $17,390.08, Gas Utilities Certificates of Deposit $23,221.60, Total All Funds, including Certificates of Deposit $516,282.01. Year-to-Date Interest in Checking Acct is $36.11 and Utility CDs $0 for a Total Year-to-Date Interest of $36.11. Also included the status of the Projects Checking Account for the month of January 2021, Beginning Balance $225.33, Receipts $197.23, Expenditures $197.23, Ending Balance $225.33. January Transfers from Sewer Utility Fund to Sewer Revolving Loan $1,400.00, from Water Utility Fund to GO Water Bond & Interest $1,622.00, for Total Transfers of $3,026.00. Net Income for the month of January $47,650.63, Year-to-Date Net Income $47,650.63. Budget vs Actual Water Fund YTD Revenue $8,828.46 (8.8%), Expenditures $6,048.52 (4.9%); Sewer Fund YTD Revenue $3,048.49 (8.8%), Expenditures $1,969.31 (4.5%); Gas Fund YTD Revenue $20,260.03 (15.7%), Expenditures $7,280.52 (2.2%); General Fund YTD Revenue $33,588.86 (45.6%), Expenditures $6,834.21 (4.2%); and Special Highway YTD Revenue $1,734.33 (29.0%), Expenditures $0 (0.0%). The February 2021 estimated payables in the amount of $46,224.68 were presented.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Kelly, Approved 5-0, to approve Consent Agenda including:

  • Minutes of January 19, 2021 Regular Council Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report, Monthly Transaction Report & Accounts Payables

Mark Warren gave an update on the medical clinic. Building is ready. They are looking for a local nurse practitioner. They will be open three days a week to begin.


Superintendent Rich reported that the steel basketball backboard was received and installed. Clerk Johnson reported that the backboards were donated by the school. A partial payment by the vandal has been received.

The amount of water kept in the tank was discussed. He will keep the tank at a level to accommodate weather and fire protection.

Codes Enforcement Officer Coyan reported that letters regarding the dog bite were sent to the owner of the dog and to the complainant. We have received no response from the Smith Estate regarding the punch list letter from our attorney.

Clerk Johnson stated that the Park Committee would like for their funds to be used for a dedicated pickleball court with a fence at 105 Third St. It was also suggested to consider 210 Sherman St as it already has a cement slab. She will look into measurements for the court and measurements of the lots suggested and the cost of building/fencing a court.

A contract for 2020 financial audit was received from Diehl, Banwart, Bolton.

Motion by Ervin, Second by Kelly, Approved 5-0 to accept contract from Diehl, Banwart, Bolton for 2020 financial audit

Clerk Johnson received an inquiry about citywide yard sale. It was decided to have ours the weekend before or the weekend after Fort Scott has theirs. Citywide cleanup was also discussed. It was decided that due to amount of misuse of the service last year that we will not host a citywide cleanup this year.

The Cornhole project based learning group notified us that the target date to complete the project is April 1. Clerk will send a response to have someone from the group and their project teacher contact Superintendent Rich about placement and timing.

A voting delegate needs to be selected for KRWA.

Motion by Ervin, Second by Wehry, Approved 5-0 to appoint Bobby Rich as KRWA voting delegate

A Notice of Conditional Renewal was received from EMC regarding communicable disease exclusion endorsements on the general liability coverage.


Councilman Ervin – nothing

Councilwoman Esslinger – nothing

Councilman Hartman – nothing

Councilwoman Kelly – nothing

Councilman Wehry – nothing

Mayor Jurgensen – nothing


Liquor Sales and Sunday CMB Sales – an ordinance authorizing the retail sale of liquor and an ordinance authorizing Sunday sales of liquor and CMB was presented.

Motion by Hartman, Second by Wehry, Approved 5-0 to adopt Ordinance No. 190 authorizing the retail sale of alcoholic liquor within the city limits of Uniontown, Bourbon County, Kansas

Motion by Kelly, Second by Esslinger, Approved 5-0 to set the biennial occupation tax at $200 on Ordinance No. 190

Motion by Hartman, Second by Kelly, Approved 5-0 to adopt Ordinance No. 191 authorizing Sunday sales of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverage in the original package within the city limits of Uniontown, Bourbon County, Kansas

Ordinance No. 191 must be published two consecutive weeks on the same day of the week, allow for a 60 day petition period, and, if petitioned, put before the voters before becoming effective. If no petition filed, the ordinance will become effective April 22, 2021.

SPARK funding – Clerk Johnson still has not received a ship date on the service window. The $225.33 left in the project account is for reimbursement of expenditures between March and June of 2020. These funds were transferred to the general fund February.


Water Rate Increase – a notice of a 5% rate increase from Consolidated RWD #2 was received. Treasurer Bolinger and Clerk Johnson presented some options on passing the increase on to our customers.

Motion by Ervin, Second by Kelly, Approved 5-0 to accept Option B, increase minimum charge 5% (to $25.69 inside city limits, $26.87 outside city limits) and usage charge 5% (to $11.56 inside city limits, $12.10 outside city limits) and adopt Ordinance No. 192 repealing Ordinance No. 188, relating to water rates and amending any previous ordinances or resolutions setting forth water rates for the City of Uniontown, Kansas

Moved by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 5-0, to adjourn at 8:47PM


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