Union Station: Affordable Groceries Are Coming to Uniontown

Dane and Ronni Clayton are the owners of Union Station, Uniontown.

Union Station owners Dane and Ronni Clayton will be expanding their offerings as a result of SPARK funding.

SPARK stands for Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas and is a task force charged with leading Kansas forward in recovery from the effects of COVID-19. Committees on the SPARK task force, along with the Kansas Office of Recovery are responsible for the statewide distribution of the U.S Coronavirus Relief Fund, according to https://covid.ks.gov/spark-recovery-office/

The convenience store, located at 684 Maple Road, Uniontown, KS, at the corner of Hwy 3 and Maple Road, will be offering grocery items and locally produced meats in the near future.


The Claytons are creating climate-controlled storage outside of the main building, to free up space for additional coolers and shelving inside the convenience store, Ronni Clayton said. ” The increased product space will be used for discounted grocery items as well as locally produced meats.”


“We had already purchased the little building, now we need to set it up to be climate controlled (insulate, heat/cool, etc.),” Clayton said. “Thank goodness Dane is an HVAC-R tech!”


This convenience store in western Bourbon County will provide access to affordable grocery items, something not usually seen at a convenience store.


“It isn’t always possible or feasible for members of our community to pay the higher costs of traditional convenience store items, nor is it always easy to get to ‘town’ to get said basic items,” Clayton said.  “Our goal is to provide easier access to and more affordable grocery items.”


Clayton said she understands the SPARK Grant money has to be spent by the end of the year and so they are starting immediately with the first step of getting outside, climate-controlled storage for the store.


The store has been selling milk, eggs, etc. already.

“We always disliked the high prices of common grocery items, but struggled to find a solution,” Clayton said.  “A fellow small business owner,  Kelly Perry of Perry’s Pork Rinds, introduced us to a local business that acquires discount grocery items and a plan was formed. (Kelly) is a great resource. SPARK funding has made it possible.”


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