Tiger Replica Fish Mounts: A Passion for Art and Fish

Submitted photos. Tyler Davidson working on a fish mount.
Tyler Davidson, also known as Tiger, is a fisherman and an artist.
He began his business Tiger Replica Fish Mounts, three years ago.
“I have been an avid angler and artist for most of my life and I’ve always had an interest in preserving the beauty of these fish,” he said. “I started this adventure with the thought of combining my extensive knowledge of fish coloration, their anatomy and my passion for art.”
“I’m really passionate about putting all of the detail in these fish,” Davidson said. “I definitely don’t mass produce them. Each one is special. My favorite part of the process is handing over the fish, or getting photos of the fish on the wall from a happy customer.”
“So far it’s worked out great!” Davidson said. “I have customers from all over the United States coming to me.”
“My mission is to provide customers with the highest quality fish mounts available,” he said. “I strive to create highly realistic one-of-a-kind replicas that match every last detail of your trophy.”
His business is located in Bronson, in the western part of Bourbon County.
  “I do not allow public visits to my shop as it is on the same property as my home,” he said. “Customers need to call and arrange pick-up.    My plan, for now, is to gain recognition and further construct my shop into a more efficient fish studio. In the future, I’d like to have a more public studio with a display room.”

Davidson’s contact info:  (785)521-5192 or

Facebook page: TigerReplicaFishMounts  or
Instagram: Tigerfishmounts
His starting cost is $20 per linear inch, he said.

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