Terry Chance Retires From Christian Heights School

Terry Chance, Christian Heights Principal, is retiring. Submitted photo.

After 32 years as principal of Fort Scott Christian Heights and 14 years as a teacher before that, Terry Chance is retiring as of June 1.

Chance, 70, says his becoming an educator was a process of time.

“I felt like God wanted me to be involved full-time in a Christian ministry,” he said. “I got into music education and have been in education ever since.”

“John Page was our pastor and principal of Christian Heights and was my mentor,” Chance said. “He is my hero.”

Chance said he loves the interaction with students.

“It has been a thrill when they understand what you teach,” he said.

For him, seeing students go on from Christian Heights to serve their family, their community and their church, “That’s success,” he said.

The biggest challenge in his career has been the current pandemic that has closed down all schools in the nation.

“We are trying to figure out how to help our students right now,” Chance said.

Chance said he made up his mind to retire last summer and told the FSCH Board of Education in September.

The board has hired Larry Davolt as the new principal.

Davolt has been a science teacher at the school for 28 years.





2 thoughts on “Terry Chance Retires From Christian Heights School”

  1. So happy for you, Terry, but sad for all the future students at Christian Heights who will not be the beneficiaries of your Christian influence. So many have been blessed by you and your dedication to a Christ-based education.

  2. Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Chance . I was a student of yours at Frontenac High School. I believe it was your very first year teaching! You have touched the lives of many!

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