T-Mobile Awards Green Space Grant and Will Open New Retail Store in Fort Scott

Skubitz Plaza is located north of Main Street in downtown Fort Scott, just across from Fort Scott National Historic Site.

T-Mobile is an American wireless network operator, who is working to have a presence in Fort Scott.

On Sept. 23, T-Mobile awarded a  Hometown Grant to Fort Scott for creating a downtown greenspace with a pavilion and walkway on Skubitz Plaza, just off the northern section of downtown.

“The initial phase of this project is an addition of an entrance pavilion and walkway to the Lunette Blair Block House,” according to information provided by the City of Fort Scott.

Phase one will be completed within nine months of the grant award, according to the information provided by the city.

To view the complete grant proposal:

FortScott Hometown Grant Phase 1

This grant is one of the many initiatives underscoring T-Mobile’s commitment to rural America, according to a press release from T-Mobile.  More than just bringing wireless, T-Mobile wants to be part of the community and help small towns thrive.

The T-Mobile Grant presentation will be at the site near the Lunette Blair Blockhouse, across from the Fort Scott National Historic Site on October 5th at 5 P.M., according to information provided by City of Fort Scott Finance Director Susan Bancroft.


New Retail Location Coming

In addition to the grant for the city, T-Mobile has plans to open a new retail location in Fort Scott slated for late November, the spokesperson said.  The location is near South Main and West 23rd Street.


Background of T-Mobile’s grants

On Sept. 23, T-Mobile announced 25 small towns winning Hometown Grants to jumpstart vital community development projects to re-energize these towns and build upon what makes them unique, according to the press release.

Hometown Grants are part of T-Mobiles’  massive commitment to bring 5G to rural America, according to the press release.

Over the next five years, T-Mobile plans to hire 7,500 new employees in small towns and rural communities and provide $25 million in grants for community development projects.

Earlier this month the company unveiled the FIRST Hometown Techover winner, Woodstock, Ill. which will receive a prize package worth $3M and become the crown jewel of 5G for small towns across America.

And on Sept. 23, 25 additional well-deserving small towns were awarded a grant to improve their communities.



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