Stephanie Hallacy: New Nurse Practioner At Uniontown Clinic

Stephanie Hallacy is the Nurse Practioner when the Uniontown Clinic opens in April 2021. Submitted photo.

Stephanie Hallacy, APRN, FNP-C. will be the medical care provider when the new Girard Medical Center at Uniontown opens in April 2021.


“We hope to open in the first couple of weeks in April, but that is dependent upon when our Rural Health Clinic Certification is completed,” Hallacy said.


Hallacy has worked for Girard Medical Center since 2013 as a Nurse Practioner in their clinics as well as its walk-in clinic, she said.

From 2006-2014 she was a flight nurse for EagleMed.


Prior to that, she worked as a registered nurse in an intensive care unit in Oklahoma from 1994 – 2006.


Hallacy received her 1994 associate degree in nursing from Grayson County College in Denison, TX,  her bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Oklahoma, and her master of science in nursing from Pittsburg State University in 2012.

She was originally a pre-pharmacy major in college.


“But that changed while working there as I realized that I wanted to be more directly involved in the care of the patient,” she said.

The clinic is housed in a building on the campus of Uniontown High School, south of the football field and will serve both the school and the community.
The Girard Medical Center at Uniontown Clinic is located south of the Uniontown High School football field. 

“We are hoping to be a resource for the Uniontown school for their student physicals and hopefully other medical services,” she said.  “We also want to be the provider for the community for both acute illnesses as well as for the prevention, screening and management of chronic health conditions.”


In the first stages of the brand new clinic, she will be part-time.

“I believe initially the days that I will be providing care will be Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.,” she said.  “This may change as we depending upon the volume of the clinic and needs of the community.”


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