Starlite FCE Minutes of Jan. 21

The January meeting of Starlite FCE was held on January 21st at the Yeager building at the Fairgrounds.  President Glenda Miller called the meeting to order and Joyce Allen led the members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Club Collect.  Eleven members and one guest were in attendance.  The members reported seven hours of volunteer work and that they had recycled three hundred and eighty pounds of paper.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


Doris Ericson presented the Treasurer’ report and reminded us to bring in our Best Choice labels.   Glenda Miller reported that the County Council had cancelled the Spring Tea for this year due to Covid.  She also went over the information presented in the FCE newsletter.


Old business consisted of the Valentines for the Tri-Valley clients.  Cards were signed by members and placed in treat bags.  Letha Johnson moved that the person in charge of event be given authority to purchase items for said event and receive reimbursement out of the club account.  Del Parks seconded the motion, motion carried.


It was announced that Lois Williams a longtime previous member had passed as well as Del Parks brother.  Megan Brillhart announced that Presbyterian Village residents have received their first round of Covid shots and that they should be able to start getting out in about six weeks.


Glenda Miller presented members with unity valentines and a trivia quiz on Kansas in celebration of Kansas Day January 29th.


Joy Miller presented the lesson to the club of “Taking a new look at Fermented Foods.”  Fermented foods include sauerkraut, wine, kimchi, sour dough bread and yogurt, to name a few.  Joy also passed out troubleshooting guide on fermentation, Information about the upcoming Aging with Attitude Regional expo and Dining with Diabetes online classes.


Deb Lust moved that the meeting be adjourned, Jackie Warren seconded the motion, meeting adjourned.  After the meeting the members enjoyed cupcakes, cookies, M&M and water provided by Jackie Warren and Deb Woods.


Prepared by

Terri Williams

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