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Carla Nemecek is Southwind District Director and agent.

Submitted by: Carla Nemecek, Southwind Extension District, Director & Agent



K-State Research & Extension in the Southwind District is proud to present our 2020 Speakers Bureau as a service to the community. We offer presentations on a wide variety to topics and hope there is at least one that may suit your needs. Our speakers are District Extension Agents who have agreed to give presentations to elementary and secondary schools; civic and professional organizations; and community groups. We are confident that you will find the presentations insightful and entertaining.


The topics that are offered for 2020 are:


Check Your Credit will ask the question “When was the last time you checked your credit?” We ask the question because one in five people have an error on at least one of their credit reports according to a study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission. Learn more about this new program to establish yourself as financially capable.


Everything But the Moo will virtually illustrate many of the non-food items made from cattle. The program is based on the idea that Native American used every part of the buffalo and wasted nothing. Today, we still use nearly every part of the food animal. Examples of these products include leather, gelatin, china, cosmetics and fertilizers.


Herb Growing addresses the versatility of herbs for culinary or medicinal purposes. Are you interested in learning how to grown your own herbs? This presentation will cover herb care and maintenance, and how to incorporate herbs into the landscape, as well as tips for growing herbs in your kitchen.


Let’s Play Leadership in the Classroom offers various team building games encourages adults and students to work together and gain all important leadership skills. After all, what better way to learn about leadership than through play! This program can be adjusted for a specific leadership request as a program on demand.


The Opioid Crisis provides an introductory overview of the opioid crisis that is sweeping our nation at an alarming rate. Drug abuse, dependence, and overdose are issues that affect the lives of millions of Americans, and Kansas is not exempt. Two counties is the Southwind District have been identified as having a greater risk than the national average for this epidemic. Education is key to address the opioid crisis.


Alzheimer’s 101 or Gray for a Day explores the age-related sensory and functional challenges some adults might face with age. One in three seniors will experience some form of dementia, and the 101 session will covey the differences between age-related memory loss and dementia. To educate participants on age-related sensory and functional challenges, Gray for a Day explores hands-on activities that simulate changes aging adults might face.


Succession Planning will provide an opportunity to explore the step-by-step process where families can work together to develop a plan to incorporate the next owner and pass on knowledge and resources that will sustain a farming or business operation. The purpose is to spark conversations about planning for the future, and this program can be altered to suit the audience for business or farm succession.

These presentations are flexible with location and presentation time – from a short 30 minute engagement to a longer format if needed. All presentations are offered free and by appointment only. We will do our best to accommodate your request, and presentations will be scheduled based on the availability of the individual presenters.


If your group or organization has an interest in these programs, please contact the Southwind Extension District, 620-625-8645 (Yates Center); 620-365-2242 (Iola); 620-244-3826 (Erie); 620-223-3720 (Ft. Scott).  Additional information about the Southwind Extension District can be found on our website, www.southwind.ksu.edu or on Facebook, Southwind Extension District.

Carla Nemecek
Southwind Extension District
Director & Agent
1 North Washington, Iola, KS 66749


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