SPARK Phase I Funds Update

Submitted by Jody Hoenor, Bourbon County Economic Director.

An update on the SPARK Phase 1 Funds dispersed at the County.

Applications for proposals closed August 8th at noon.  Over the weekend we worked together to clean the data to present in a meaningful way for commissioners to make decisions.  In total there was $6,144,500 total asks.  That is $3,218,937 over budget.  Greenbush went through an initial vetting of the requests and put together overall recommendations on a spending plan that would be inclusive and transparent.

Today the following plan was recommended and formally approved this morning:

The plan will be submitted to the State by August 15th.  The State has until September 15th to approve the plan or ask for corrections.

For more info contact Hoenor at

210 S National Ave
Fort Scott, KS 66701
1-620-215-5725 Mobile



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