Snow and Ice Seasonal Workers Are Needed: KDOT Is Down 30 % in Employees

Hwy. 69

Though the temperatures have been extremely mild for Kansas winters, it is probable in the next few months that ice and snow will be covering our roadways.

The Kansas Department of Transportation agency has dealt with reduced staffing in the past, but the shortages are greater this year.

KDOT is about 30-percent off of snowplow operators needed to be fully staffed in offices across the state.

“We WILL BE clearing the roads,” Priscilla Petersen, KDOT’s Public Affairs Manager said. “We are concentrating on pre-treating the roads and bridges with our salt brine.”

KDOT is needing ice and snow seasonal workers in 2021. Taken from its’ Facebook page.

“We will also be shifting crews to affected areas when possible,” she said.

“We are off about 29 percent in employees,” she said. “We need seasonal and full-time help. We have an ongoing staffing concern.”

Snow and ice seasonal equipment operators will earn $25 per hour and are eligible for overtime, Petersen said. A pre-employment physical is required, along with drug testing.

Snow and ice seasonal temporary operators start at $19.55 per hour and also are required to take a pre-employment physical and drug test.

There are many different criteria for wages, Peterson said, and one can view and submit an application online or at a KDOT office.


The closest offices are in Pittsburg and Chanute, she said.


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