Sheriff’s Office Fishing Tournament Results

The Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office hosted the 1St Annual Fishing Tournament on May 21 and May 22 with proceeds to benefit the Care to Share, Sharing Bucket in the amount of $1532.00.
We would like to joyously recognize the following sponsors and teams during this year’s event.

First place team with a total fish weight of 24.04 lbs was Nic Leighty, Chase Halsey, Jayce Simmons, and Michael Lockwood.

Second place team with a total fish weight of 18.47 lbs was Jordon Woods, Logan Woods, and Zach Travis.

Third place team with a total fish weight of 15.44 lbs was Jack Fox and Carrissa Jones.

Fourth place winners with a total fish weight of 6.06 lbs was the team of John and Sarah Klassen, Chad Johnson and Michelle Johnson.

Fifth place winners with 5.74 lbs was Alvin Metcalf and Kale Metcalf, John Metcalf and Alvin Metcalf (Sr.).

The largest fish caught was a whopping 6.06 lbs and was brought in by Jack Fox.

The first place team received a cash prize of $240 and the Big catch winner received $105.

We would also like to recognize and thank the Kraft, Cole, Ross and Sipe families; the Bourbon County 4H and Extension Office; Lockwood Automotive; and Ross’s Kennels for their talents, time and donation.



This community is better because of ordinary people who give what they have.

A special shout out and thanks to the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office and a special thanks to Lavetta Simmons with the Care to Share. Your support is always extra extraordinary in all you do, we Care to Share for you!

Submitted by Wm K. Martin, Sheriff Benjamin E. Cole, Undersheriff
293 East 20th Street
Fort Scott, Kansas 66701
[620] 223-1440 (office) or [620] 223-0055 (fax)

2 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Office Fishing Tournament Results”

  1. The article says the tournament happened June 28 and June 29. Is this last years article? I’m confused.

    1. I emailed the sheriff, he responded that it was May 21 and 22 and I corrected that in the story just now.
      Loretta George

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