SEK Multi-County Health Departments COVID 19

SEK Multi-County Health Departments

Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, and Woodson Counties

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

August 17, 2020

Allen County

Current Active Cases 8
Presumptive Cases 3
Positive Out of State-Staying in Allen County 3
Total Hospitalizations 2-1 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 18 (recovered positives + recovered presumptives )
Total Positives Since Testing 23 (Allen County + out of state)
Deaths 0

Anderson County

Current Active Cases 2
Total Hospitalizations 0
Current Recovered Cases 30
Total Positives Since Testing 32
Deaths 0

Bourbon County

Current Active Cases 6
Presumptive Cases 13
Positive Out of State/County-staying in Bourbon 11
Total Hospitalizations 8-0 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 87 (recovered positives + recovered presumptives)
Total Positives Since Testing 82 (Bourbon County + out of state/county)
Deaths 2

Woodson County

Current Active Cases 1
Total Hospitalizations 1-0 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 11
Total Positives Since Testing 12
Deaths 0

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