Public Servant Profile: FSFD Lieutenant Shelton

Lieutenant Scott Shelton, FSFD. Submitted photo.

This is part of a series on Fort Scott and Bourbon County Public Servants.

 Scott Shelton,  38, is a lieutenant with the Fort Scott Fire Department.
He is a  Fort Scott High School graduate and earned Emergency Medical Technician Certification from Fort Scott Community College, and also graduated from FSCC Graduate. In addition, has  Kansas University Fire Certifications.
Shelton has 18 years experience in fire fighting.

He works from both Station 1 and Station 2.

What are your duties?
“Fire suppression, EMS, equipment/ vehicle maintenance, public education, training, Life Safety Inspections, and manages a shift in the event of captain’s absence.”


He is married and has two sons.

Community involvement, interests or hobbies:
“Taking kids to ball games, volunteer time to community projects,
cars, motorcycles, running/fitness.”
Why did you pursue your career?
” I am a third-generation firefighter.
I enjoy serving the community and protecting the citizens and property. “

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