Price Chopper Building Still On The Market

A large crowd welcomed Price Chopper to town on opening day, December 13, 2017.

There has been some recent activity at the former Price Chopper Supermarket on South Main.

Equipment in the store has been taken out.

“We have been working on taking all of the equipment out to remodel a store in Overland Park,” said Barry Queen,  the owner.

The store closing was devastating to the Fort Scott community and Queen.

“It closed in January of 2019 after just being open a little over a year because business was really soft, compared to projections.”

“I hate it, I’ve had a lakehouse at lake Ft. Scott for 20 years and love the community,” he said.

An artist rendition of Fort Scott Price Chopper. Submitted.

“It is owned by Associated Wholesale Grocers,” Queen said.  “I am on a 20-year lease and still paying rent/taxes/insurance/utilities/etc…(I would) love it if you can help us sell it and get me out of the rent.”

The commercial building, located at 2322 S. Main, is for sale or lease, with the owners willing to split into smaller parcels, according to information provided by Jody Hoener, Bourbon County’s Economic Director.  If the purchaser is retail, there is a TIF/CID in place that will transfer to the new owner. If not a retailer,  the purchase price can be negotiated without incentive.

The  39, 425 square foot building is on 4.5 acres. There is carve out pad site availability.

The building was fully renovated in 2017.

Queen’s phone number is 913-220-2515.


Click below for the announcement of the closing in January  2019:



Click below for photos of the store opening in Dec. 2017:

Official Opening of Price Chopper Today

One thought on “Price Chopper Building Still On The Market”

  1. Nice Store, Bad product pricing. Like it or not, they had to compete against Wal-Mart and Dollar General.
    Ft Scott wages are too low and taxes too high for most residents to be willing/able to pay 5 or 10% more on groceries. It’s a shame, it was nice having a modern, clean store to shop in.

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