New Teacher Profile: Kevin Thomure

Kevin Thomure. Submitted photo.

Kevin Thomure, 40, is a new Fort Scott Community College History Instructor. His office is located in Bailey Hall at the college.


Thomure earned a Bachelor’s in Science Degree (Social Studies Education) from  Pittsburg State University, a Master’s in Science in Teaching degree (Secondary) from Pittsburg State University and a Master’s in Arts in History and Government Degree from Ashland University.


He has16 years teaching junior high and high school history and government classes and two years in administration for curriculum, and twelve years as an adjunct instructor in history and government.


His hometown is Fairland, Oklahoma.


Thomure has an 11-year-old son named Quincy and a 14-year-old daughter named Mya.


Community involvement/hobbies/interests:

Bicycling for fun and at bike ride events, supporting his kids in their sports and activities, visiting museums and historical sites, going to concerts and sporting events, and watching live theater and musicals.


How did you become an educator?

“I had teachers growing up who would challenge me to know more and do more with what I loved learning about.   As I grew older I also saw the difference that teachers made with students and the impact they made in the classroom.  I knew I wanted to make an impact and make a difference just like some of my favorite teachers did.  I was able to pursue my interests in history and political science while learning how to teach it and spark a learning curiosity within the classroom.  It was the best decision I ever made!”



Did someone inspire you to teach?

“I was fortunate enough to have several teachers growing up who were inspirational in making a difference with myself.  The biggest inspiration for why I went into teaching in the field of history and political science definitely has to be my grandmother.  From the early age of five, we had discussions on the Great Depression, World II, and the Vietnam War.  I still remember the tons of questions I kept asking her about everything even during presidential elections.  She always encouraged me to go learn more about it and it made for great conversations!”


What is the best part of teaching for you?

” I love helping and seeing the students make connections with how our past and how principles of key figures in history and the founding is relevant with every issue, situation, and action taken today.  Challenging students to think and see events and perspectives in a way they never have before is so rewarding when you do see them make connections on their own.  I enjoy playing any role I can as an educator in empowering students with knowledge and skills where they will be making their own positive impact on this world.”


What are the greatest challenges?

“Giving a voice to all students while creating an active learning environment can be challenging in a large classroom.  Students can be extroverted and introverted so it is important to me to make sure I can get everyone involved in learning and being heard in different ways each class.  I’m always looking to find various ways for each student to be involved in class and to be heard even if it is through a class discussion or using technology to empower each student.”


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