New FS City Engineer: Nate Stansberry

Nate Stansberry, 32, is the Fort Scott City Engineer
as of June 29, 2020.
Stansberry received a  Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Civil Emphasis, from Marshall University, Huntington, WV.
He worked two years in the Springfield, MO Public Works Stormwater Division as an engineer in training; five years in the Rutland, VT Department of Public Works as an associate and assistant city engineer; two and one-half years with the Asian Development Bank in the Republic of the Marshall Islands as a Technical Advisor—Water and Sewer Operations Engineer for the Majuro Water and Sewer Company.
The following is from an interview with Stansberry.
Why did you pursue a degree in civil engineering?
“I’ve always enjoyed construction and water-related activities and felt civil engineering was a natural fit,” Stansberry said. “I credit my time working under Errin Kemper at the City of Springfield for helping me see the vision of being a municipal engineer and Dr. John Bailey in an interview with the City of Pittsburg, KS on a position I didn’t get, for showing me how fulfilling being a city engineer in a smaller, full-service city could be. I also credit Alan Shelvey and Pete Kelley in Rutland, Vermont, for their mentorship and example and tutelage of what it means to be a public servant and how we can make an impact each day on the well being of those around us. Each day I get to go work and try to make where I live a little bit better with co-workers striving to do the same. Professionally—I haven’t found anything more fulfilling, yet.”
What are your duties for the City of Fort Scott?
“Fort Scott has not had a city engineer in thirty-plus years so I’m not walking into an established role. On a day to day basis, I’m looking to support our public works divisions in their day-to-day activities and short and long-term capital replacement planning. I’m also looking to provide support and design services to other city groups as time allows. I also see record keeping as an important part of my job and will look to prepare a repository of city works for future reference and hopefully the engineer that comes after me. Most of all, I’m here to serve the public and maintain an open-door policy and can be found at the Code’s Department in Memorial Hall from 8 am-5 pm.”
Stansberry and his wife, Victoria, who is a native of Rolla, KS,  have been married 10 years.
“She last taught Spanish as a school teacher but has stayed home with our daughter since her birth,” Stansberry said.  “Our daughter, aptly named Kansas, will be three this upcoming August.”
The Fort Scott Codes Enforcement Office is located in the lower level of Memorial Hall on East Third Street and National Avenue. Stansberry’s office is located here.

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