New Fort Scott Business: Spyder, Inc.

Nedra Barr from the Spyder Inc. website

Nedra Barr started her insurance career at age 16 in Fort Scott, and this week announces that she is bringing her new business home.



“I started my insurance career in Fort Scott while in high school,” Barr said.  “After a great career in the insurance industry, I started developing software that served this market.  I’ve designed various software products serving this industry.  It’s very exciting to develop the Spyder (her new company) product.  It will help producers and home offices modernize, digitize, standardize and simplify their business.”


She is the Cheif Executive Officer of Spyder, Inc., and Sharon Ross, Charlotte, SC,  is the Chief Operating Officer, with Bob Peacock, Denver, CO  the Chief Technology Officer of the business.

Sharon Ross from the Spyder, Inc. website.


Bob Peacock, from the Spyder, Inc. website.


“All three of us are software executives in the insuretech/fintech industry,” Barr said.  “I am an award-winning software executive.  I have won a Top 50 Tech Visionary award in 2019, a Top 50 Tech Leaders award in 2021, and last week named one of the most impactful women in technology,” she said.


See the feature of her award here:


“Once our offices are ready, I will be spending lots of time in Fort Scott as well Sharon and Bob,” Barr said.


The office is located at  102 W 2ndSt, Fort Scott,  with hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Contact  Barr at 620-531-0368.


“The first two Spyder products will be released in June,” she said.  “The first two products will be cybersecurity device certifications and a document storage solution that is purpose-built for the insurance industry.  Additional products will be coming in the fall timeframe as well.”




Barr has led teams and guided technology firms for many companies, including SunGard Insurance Systems, Insurance Technologies, Experian, and Docupace Technologies. Most recently, Nedra was Chief Revenue Officer for Skience,


See the business website:


The Spyder logo, taken from the website.



” We are excited to get our software company going strong to contribute to the economic growth and employment of Fort Scott,” Barr said. ” We believe we will be hiring employees in the fall timeframe.  We will work closely with the Healthy Bourbon County initiative and the Chamber of Commerce to contribute to the well-being and beautification of Fort Scott.”

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  1. Where is Charlotte, SC? Is it near Charlotte, NC? Good luck with your new enterprise…MMF

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