Need A Fan?

Allen Schellack unboxes a fan at the ministry storage room.

People who have a need for a fan in this hot, humid weather can call Allen Schellack at Fort Scott Compassionate Ministries Center, 620-223-2212.

Schellack has a large stack of 20-inch box fans to give away through a grant from Evergy Inc., a local utility, to the Salvation Army. Schellack is the Bourbon County Service Extension Coordinator for the Salvation Army.

Elderly and disabled people without access to air conditioning or other means of staying cool during hot and humid weather can receive fans by appointment by calling Schellack.

“We need proof of a Bourbon County address,” Schellack said. “And some form of identification.”

To help the most people, each household is eligible for one fan.

Applications will be accepted until all fans are distributed.

This is the Salvation Army’s fourth year to give out fans in Bourbon County,  Shellack said.

Schellack is also the Compassionate Care Pastor for the Fort Scott Nazarene Church, Director of Fort Scott Compassionate Ministries and Outreach Center,  Bourbon County Coordinator for CarePortal and treasurer of the Fort Scott Ministerial Alliance, in addition to his services with the Salvation Army.

His office is located at 26 N. Main, on the second floor of the Senior Citizens Center.

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