Lyons Realty Adds New Employee: Ryan Edgecomb

Ryan Edgecomb, 46,  is a new real estate agent for Lyons Realty Group.
Lyons’ Realty Group office, 8 E. Wall,  taken from its Facebook page.
“I will assist clients with buying and selling real estate,” he said. “I plan to use my agriculture background to specialize in hunting and agriculture properties.”
“I have been involved in ag-related careers my entire life including livestock feed and equipment sales as well as agriculture education,” he said.
He started this month.
He pursued this career because he has a strong interest in property and land values, he said.
“After Kylie and I got married, we started watching real estate and looking for a house to buy,” he said. ” We also kept our eyes open for some small acreage suitable to build a house. We successfully found 20 acres and built our dream home. Furthermore,  I have always been intrigued by the real estate and land trends in our area. This has prompted me to pursue this position.”
Edgecomb has been involved in the agricultural community.
“I am very active in Kansas Farm Bureau by serving a leadership role on the county level and representing District 3 on the state beef advisory committee,” he said.  “I have also served on many local ag advisory boards, extension boards, and participated in numerous community service projects.”
Edgecomb attended Kansas State University for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
“My wife, Kylie, and I live on a small farm in rural Crawford County. We raise a small herd of commercial Angus and balancer cattle,” he said.

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