Local Photographer Featured in FARMtographer Magazine

Erica George. Submitted photo.

A local photographer, new to the business is featured in a farm magazine.

 Erika George, 25, owns her own business,
Erika George Photography, which she started in 2017.
“I have always loved photography and enjoyed taking lots of scenery photos when I was younger,” she said. “It wasn’t until I moved to Uniontown after college that I started photography as an actual business.”
“My sister-in-law, Lacey (George) Wray, had just started a photography business in Ottawa so I got to tag along and second shoot with her at weddings,” George said. “I started doing a few free sessions just for fun around the area, but then started having more and more people ask me for sessions.”
The interest turned serious and she changed careers.
“I was working at the Uniontown daycare as the preschool teacher and decided I wanted to do something a little different,” she said.
She started her business promotion with social media.
“I created a Facebook page for my business to post previews for the sessions I had been doing and it started growing from there,” she said. “It has grown more and more every year as I gain new clients and broaden my education of photography. This past year has definitely been my busiest year and I foresee it getting busier this next year.”
“I love to create the session that you have envisioned in your mind, no matter the location,” George said .”I love to travel and find new locations for sessions too.”
” While I do love outdoor photoshoots, I did just start renting a studio space in downtown Fort Scott at 118 S.  Main Street, so that I can offer more options, especially during the winter months,” she said. “I offer most sessions that you can think of from weddings to newborns. I have many different packages for families, kids, seniors, newborns, engaged couples, and expecting parents! “
George rents the middle section of the building at 118 S. Main, behind the barbershop storefront that is coming this summer.
Her favorite photoshoots are Western-inspired, she said.
Featured In FARMtographer Magazine this month
She recently was honored with being featured in a photography magazine, FARMtographer Magazine.
“I saw the magazine advertising on Instagram for their upcoming categories, so I used their hashtag on one of my photos,” she said.
“I got a message saying my photo was going to be entered into a contest for the cover photo based on a Facebook contest.”
“There were 10 other photos in the contest and mine was chosen as the cover photo for the CHILDREN/KIDS issue,” she said. “You also had the chance to enter as the featured photographer by entering a story about the photo or photos you entered and a story about your editing style.”
George decided to do that for the chance to be featured as a magazine spread.
“I entered a few more photos along with the story,” she said. ” They don’t tell you until the issue is printed who the featured photographers are so I found out that I was the first featured photographer once I bought the magazine issue.”
“FARMtographer Magazine is an agriculture photographer’s magazine and some of the other photos featured in the issue were from Wyoming, Texas, Australia, Canada, and Utah,” she said.
The winning photo is of a five-year-old cowboy, Miles Pollack, helping bring in calves at G3 Ranch near Uniontown. G3  is a family-owned business.
Miles Pollack. Submitted photo. This photo was on the front cover of FARMtographer Magazine.
Miles is the son of Jared and Delta Pollack of Uniontown. Jared works for G3 Ranch.
Miles on his horse, Doc. Submitted photo.
“He was riding on his horse, Doc, alongside his dad and cousin, Cole George,” she said. Erica is married to Cole George who also works at G3 Ranch.
Miles Pollack. Submitted photo.


” My favorite type of images to capture are western-influenced, whether it be western fashion, western lifestyle, or the equipment and livestock that go along with farming and ranching,” George said. “I grew up in the western lifestyle so it has always been what is natural to me!”

To view the magazine cover page online:
Contact info: 620.381.4783 – ejust@ksu.edu – Facebook page @EGphotography1650 or Instagram @erikageorgephotography

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