Library Fines Eliminated

Fort Scott Public Library

Fort Scott Public Library has eliminated fines on overdue items.

This does not mean that people should keep items out forever. When items are nine days late, library accounts are restricted so that no additional items are checked out until all items are returned.

When items are 30 days late, we will bill for the full cost of the item. After an item is charged to the patron’s account, we will not adjust charges if the item is returned later.

We will not be mailing multiple overdue notices anymore.

We will mail one notice when items are 23 days overdue; a week later we will mail an invoice.

We encourage our patrons to provide email addresses in order to receive emailed overdue notices, to set their library accounts to send them texts or emails when items are due, and to log in to their library accounts to check their account status.

We made this decision after comparing our income from fines for eight months to the amount we were spending on postage, supplies, and staff time. We spent more than twice as much money as we received.

After the library board approved the new policy in October, library staff removed existing fines from all accounts.

Charges for lost, damaged, or unreturned items remain.

Submitted by Lisa Walther

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