Restoration of LaRoche Buildings Continues

The LaRoche renovation of the buildings at the corner of Wall and National Avenue is transforming the street.

Workers are transforming a corner intersection in historic downtown Fort Scott.

Mid-Continental Restoration Co. Inc. has done tuckpointing, exterior roof replacement, and stabilization of the walls among other projects in the restoration of the buildings that face both Wall Street and National Avenue.

The building space housing the Common Ground Coffee Co. on east Wall Street was started in November 2018 and completed just before the COVID 19 Pandemic started in the U.S. in March 2020.

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Kenny Felt Photography moved into space just west of the coffee shop in April 2020.

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Workman are continuing the restoration project at the corner building at Wall and National Avenue.

Looking south on the National Avenue side of the LaRoche Building that is being renovated in downtown Fort Scott.

“We’ve got interior floors to finish, cleaning the interior walls and sealing them and installing the cornice around the top of the building,” Chase Halsey, MCR Project Manager said.

“We are not on-site anymore, on hold until materials arrive, probably August,” Halsey said.

Beau Casper Enterprises has workers on the site.

Josh Morlan works on the trim of the new windows of the LarRoche Building on National Avenue.

Josh Morlan, Trading Post, KS, was trimming out the new windows on National Avenue on June 22, he said.

The interior of the LaRoche Building has storefronts on both the Wall Street side and the National Avenue side. There is still much work to do on the interior.

For Halsey and MCR, the business has been booming in the pandemic.

“We haven’t slowed down,” he said. “We are using PPE (personal protection), we have a handwashing station,,. we provide bleach water to all the crews.”

“Everything we had on the books (jobs) to do, they said “Can you be here sooner”, Halsey said.


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