LaRoche Building Update: Outside Nearing Completion

The LaRoche Building at Wall and National Avenue, June 22, 2020. The upstairs will be apartments and the downstairs,  businesses.

Several downtown Fort Scott buildings are in process of being transformed.

The LaRoche Building that faces National Avenue in September 2018 just before renovation of the downtown buildings..


Work began on two historic side-by-side downtown buildings at 10 and 12 E. Wall St.,owned by Jennifer LaRoche on Nov. 5, 2018.


The outside work is now nearly complete and the interior spaces are on the list for completion.

The LaRoche Building, August 2020.
The National Avenue side of the LaRoche Building, August 2020..


The buildings on Wall Street at National Avenue have been the work of several local contractors and businesses, which were able to work through the COVID 19 Pandemic restrictions.


The LaRoche Building space housing the Common Ground Coffee Co. at 10 East Wall Street was completed just before the COVID 19 Pandemic started in the U.S. in March 2020.


Then Kenny Felt Photography moved its office to the space just west of the coffee shop at 12 E. Wall Street.


Now the building that faces both Wall and National is being worked on.


“By the middle of September, I will have the building weather tight,” Jennifer LaRoche said. “And then we will start on the inside. I do not know how long that could take to complete. I don’t have an end date.”

“In the Tribune Building…….The upstairs will be apartments. Anywhere from two to four,” she said. “I have not decided yet.
On the ground level, it can occupy four businesses. I do not know what businesses will want to occupy the space.”

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