Introducing the Candidates: Kelly Standley

This is part of a series on the candidates for the general election November 6.

United States House of Representatives, 2nd District (vote for one)

Paul Davis P.O. Box 944 Lawrence 66044 Democratic

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers P.O. Box 2098 Topeka 66601 Democratic

Steve Watkins 6021 SW 29th St, Ste A Box 150 Topeka 66614 Republican

Name: Kelly Standley

Age: 49

Candidate for the position of U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District Kansas

Place of residence: Saint Paul, Kansas

Current occupation: Business owner and job creator

Community involvement:

Homeless shelter where we help to clothe, feed, find jobs and give them a place to stay while doing all this.

Party affiliation: Libertarian

  1. What is the biggest issue, if elected, and how do you plan to address it? The biggest issue I see for Kansas is we need more jobs in the rural areas. Right now if people in the rural areas of Kansas want a job they may have to move to a larger city. We need jobs available to our residents, not that farming does not employ a large number of people but as we automate there will be a need for jobs that do not involve farming. As a Federal Representative for the people in the 2nd District, I will seek out companies looking to expand and help guide them to the right areas of Kansas that need those jobs.

2) Give your views on food sales tax:

Considering the fact that Kansans pay a higher sales tax on food than most other States I am for lowering the tax. Here is my problem with doing that though, will the stores take advantage of that and see an opportunity to raise prices on products so they can have a better bottom line? Some large retail stores advertise they are lowering prices on products but what they don’t say is that when they lower prices on select items they raise prices on other items to make up the difference. I know this to be true, I have worked large retail before and I never thought that was fair to the consumer.


3) Give your views on legalizing marijuana:

I lived in Colorado for several years and I saw the downside to legalizing it, but I can say that the downside came when they made it open for recreational use. At the same time I saw new schools being built, a larger number of law enforcement agencies having staff and supplies they needed. I saw hospitals not worrying about how patients were going to pay a bill. I would support putting this option on a national ballot for the people in each state to vote on and decide if it is what they want. The Federal Government has no place regulating this product and it should be left up to the states individually.

4) Give your views on health care for our state, including Medicaid:

Medicaid needs to be addressed and no more hospitals like Mercy in Fort Scott, Independence should have to close down because of Medicaid shortfalls. I would like to see the State of Kansas come up with a solution that works for the hospitals instead of against them. Hospitals in rural areas are very important to their communities and we have no time to play around when lives are at risk!

5) Give views on abortion and Planned Parenthood:

I’m for women having choices to do what they want with their bodies but I am also not for abortion. What I would like to see is instead of the Federal Government pushing Planned Parenthood agencies to have specific quota numbers for abortions. It would be more beneficial to see Planned Parenthood work with adoption agencies to get children adopted and not aborted.

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