Hedgehog.INK Holds Poetry Contest

First Ever Poetry Contest during the month of April

Pick up an entry form at the store beginning April 1, 2019

Form: Your choice of the poetry form you would like to use. Limit length to no more than one page per poem.

Age Groups: 12 and under



Super Citizens 65+

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded in each age group.

1st place – $25

2nd place – $15

3rd place – $10

Entry: Entry fee is $5. An entry may include up to 3 poems. One entry per person, fee to be submitted with the application form.

Deadline: All entries must be delivered or mailed to Hedgehog.INK! 16 S Main, Fort Scott, KS 66701 by 5:00 p.m. on April 30, 2019.


  • Entries need to be typewritten if at all possible. (Neat hand-written manuscripts will be accepted.)
  • The attached form will serve as your entry. Include your name, grade, address, email or phone number and the title of each poem submitted.
  • Each poem should include a title and be submitted on a separate page. No other information should be included. A number will be assigned to each participant at the time of submission.
  • Remember, do not include your name on your poem.

A poetry contest reception will be held

May 7 at 6:00 p.m. at the store

Winners will be announced at this time

Light refreshments will be served


Poetry Contest

Entry Form

Deadline – 5:00 pm. April 30, 2019

Name: ______________________________________ Date: _______________________

Check age group: _____Under 12 _____12-20 _____21-64 _____Super Citizens 65+

Address: ______________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________

Email: __________________________________ Assigned #: _____________________________

Title of each Poem: (Remember each poem needs to be on a separate page.) – Limit of 3 poems

Please deliver or mail your submission and entry fee to: Hedgehog.INK!

16 S. Main

Fort Scott, KS 66701

Questions: Call 620-670-2672

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