Health Department on COVID-19: Update

SEK Multi-County Health Departments

Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, and Woodson Counties

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

August 24, 2020

On August 25, Rebecca Johnson, SEK Multi-County Health Departments Administrator sent the following clarification on this information.

“According to KDHE, the antigen test (the rapid Sofia test is being used in our area) is a presumptive laboratory test. So, if COVID-19 is ‘detected’ on an antigen test, we list it as presumptive on our weekly county update.”


“The PCR test is a confirmatory test, which meets laboratory evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection. If the result of the PCR test is ‘detected’ it is listed as positive.”


“We needed to list them differently because at one point KDHE was not counting the presumptive tests on the county totals, although we had to do the same work on them as we would have done for a positive PCR test and the individual would still be considered a COVID-19 case. KDHE is now listing the COVID-19 cases that were tested with an antigen test as a probable case. But a probable case, to KDHE can also be one with no testing done at all. So, we’ve stuck with using the word presumptive, because again, the antigen test is a presumptive laboratory test.”


“For the most part, around our area, the PCR test is the one that has been used the most, because it’s been around the longest and has been more available. Recently SEK Urgent Care and Ashley Clinic have started performing the rapid Sofia antigen test, and so we’ve seen a number of COVID-19 cases (presumptive) come from those clinics.”


“We are still going to continue to list the out of state/county, because as we’ve gone along, we’ve gotten several more cases, and again with this, we still have to do the same work on these cases, as we would one of our own residents and the individual is still in our county.”







Rebecca Johnson

SEK Multi-County Health Departments


Allen County

Current Active Cases 4
Presumptive Cases 3
Positive Out of State-Staying in Allen County 3
Total Hospitalizations 2-1 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 26 (recovered positives + recovered presumptives )
Total Positives Since Testing 30 (Allen County + out of state)
Deaths 0

Anderson County

Current Active Cases 2
Total Hospitalizations 0
Current Recovered Cases 30
Total Positives Since Testing 32
Deaths 0

Bourbon County

Current Active Cases 5
Presumptive Cases 14
Positive Out of State/County-staying in Bourbon 11
Total Hospitalizations 8-0 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 92 (recovered positives + recovered presumptives)
Total Positives Since Testing 86 (Bourbon County + out of state/county)
Deaths 2

Woodson County

Current Active Cases 1
Total Hospitalizations 1-0 remaining in hospital
Current Recovered Cases 11
Total Positives Since Testing 12
Deaths 0

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