HBCAT Seeks Program Coordinator

POSITION AVAILABLE with the energetic and mission driven Healthy Bourbon County Action Team, Inc. dedicated to creating a healthier Bourbon County. This position features a flexible work schedule and competitive salary. The position is ideal for a service-driven, mission-minded, flexible professional seeking variety in day-to-day work.
Title: Program Coordinator – flexibility with remote/in office
Salary: $40-$45,000, dependent upon education and experience
Position: full-time, 40 hours per week, 2 year, temporary, grant-funded
Summary: This position will focus on efforts to engage and build relationships with community stakeholders, implement placemaking activities and support programming for the Center for Economic Growth. The coordinator will oversee the Patterson Family Foundation Grant and activities as outlined in the awarded proposal. The coordinator may work directly with the HBCAT president, HBCAT Board, and a cross sector of community partners to address the social determinants of health through policy, systems, and environmental changes.

Program Coordinator will manage, coordinate, and oversee programs and projects. The successful coordinator will have the following responsibilities:
• To support HBCAT efforts to grow our response to Bourbon County’s challenges, including the social determinants of health, scarcity of resources, and working to create a culture of health.
• To perform outreach duties to engage with the local community and our target market of low income, minority, and female demographics.
• To support the development of effective relationships with other key organizations to meet the mission of HBCAT through development of partnership activities that educate and inform stakeholders and key partners.
• To maintain records pertaining to program activities. Provide data monitoring and tracking for all activities, including developing, implementing, and maintaining a tracking system, ensuring accurate measure, reporting and benchmarking.
• To recruit and supervise volunteers
• To coordinate the activities of the program and set priorities for managing the program.
• To manage marketing and outreach to the community. Assist in the preparation of information and clear monthly reports for the community and board.
• To prepare or assist in the preparation of grant requests and funding continuation from outside sponsors.
• To represent HBCAT at various conferences, meetings and during conference calls.
• To complete other assigned duties
Environment: HBCAT is dedicated to increase access to physical activity and healthy eating, promote commercial tobacco cessation, enhance quality of life, and encourage economic growth. The HBCAT staff works as a team. Each staff person has responsibility for a wide variety of activities.
Relationships: The coordinator reports to the President and CEO. This support position works closely with multiple members, partners, contractors, and committees to achieve program objectives. The coordinator must have the ability to quickly establish and nurture working relationships and the ability to provide customized, need-based levels of support and engagement.
Education: bachelor’s degree in a related field or combination of education and related experience
Requirements: This position requires an understanding of the social determinants of health, as well as policy, systems, and environmental changes to address health outcomes. The coordinator will have some experience working to improve rural systems and addressing the needs of a rural community. Applicant must have proficiency in customer service and community data-driven programming. Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills, are required. Applicant must be proficient in MS Office 365 and provide an appropriate remote office (when working remotely) with the basic equipment needed to maintain a confidential, professional representation of the organization. An understanding of federally funded rural programs is preferred. Travel by car may be required.
HBCAT is an equal opportunity employer.
Submit a letter of interest, resume, salary requirements and references to Jody Hoener, President and CEO, at Jhoener@hbcat.org, no later than October 1, 2021

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