Grants For New Community Pools for Small Towns

Community Development Block Grant Program Announces Application for New Community Pool


TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Commerce announces its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program now enables communities to apply for funding that can be used to construct a swimming pool.

There are many benefits for a community to consider constructing an outdoor city swimming pool – both for lifestyle and health benefits. Swimming pools offer a means of social interaction, relaxation and stress relief. They give an opportunity for residents to participate in aerobic, yet low-impact exercise. Finally, ADA-approved pool helps people in the community who have special needs.

To be eligible, the proposed facility must include a single pool of water with no elaborate extras, such as lazy rivers, slides or splash parks. The pool can include a maximum of two diving boards. Facilities may be designed to allow for extra features in the future but cannot be part of the application.

For a community to be eligible, it must have population of 500 to 25,000. The maximum grant amount is $1,000,000.  The application has a deadline of May 15, 2019.  The City must still meet the LMI requirements, and a 60/40 match is required (60% CDBG funds and 40% local funds).

For more details and to download the grant application, visit Questions should be directed to Linda Hunsicker, CDBG Specialist, at (785) 215-4484 or


4 thoughts on “Grants For New Community Pools for Small Towns”

  1. Will Fort Scott city be applying for this grant and if so, does it have a plan for keeping the pool open, that is, funding it long term?

  2. Silly me, I thought the state was broke…

    See recent posts on that are provided by the Ks. Dept. of Revenue or go to their website. There is a surplus of revenue.

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